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  1. So me and a couple of guys are actually doing a hunt around to see what kinda response we are gonna be getting from this, but long and the short what would you think of there being a British Brony Convention/Music festival, it is all a W.I.P so nothing is actually solid right now but it is deffinately in the works. So let me know what you think. Yes or no? I would really love to see this take off the ground obviously starting small and working our way up.
  2. YES YES YES!!!!!! Now just to get them to release it in UK apparently they announced it being released in Austrailia so there is a good chance it could be released over here. in which case I would pay to see this movie
  3. Well a close friend of mine is hopefully gonna be making an animated music video for this song so cross fingers that goes well ^^
  4. Sorry I have been so quiet guys, been so busy with other things that I haven't been able to post much however as am back I have a new song for you guys called "Twilight's Ballad" I have been working on this for a good couple of months now and I have uploaded it to youtube. Hope you all enjoy
  5. I have put the links to my music from newest to oldest Let me know what you think and leave some comments xD Some of them I was never truly happy with as I find there is always something that needs improving but if I did that they would never get uploaded xD so here ya go guys love or hate, give me some honest feedback Evil Has Risen Fallout Equestria (It's All Over) Alicorns Dreams (Was featured on EQD) Determination The March of Celestia's Army Zecora's Chant (Was Featured on EQD) Crystal Land (Chilled Version) Crystal Land (Twinkle Version) Vinyl <3 Wubs Flutter Madness Changeling Battle
  6. Hey guys my GL Live ID is KhaosSparkz feel free to add me /) * I have added a couple so far but I need more friends so I can come and check out other towns
  7. I dunno if this belongs in this area so I do apologise if I get this wrong but I decided to do a MLP fanfic read through on my youtube channel I will post the links to the videos, I am currently working on Awoken and another fanfic called The Oncoming Storm that a fellow brony requested me to do so I am cracking on with that one ^^ so I hope you enjoy the videos. I edited this version to give it some depth and emotion (Together in The End Updated Version) (Shut The Blinds: Chapter One: Dark) (Final Moments) <------ this is my favourite one though (Dear Princess.... One Last Letter) and this one was the brony challenge: I did a whole read through no breaks starting and stopping (My Little Dashie) Latest update in story readings :3 Awoken The Oncoming Storm Chapters 1 - 6 (By far the best fan fic I have ever read :3) Let me know what you all think Hey guys special update I have a very special guest who will be reading for me on christmas day xD it is gonna be epic it took me a while but I got there in the end
  8. Yay I finally got it though my tablet sucks a little bit too much and loses connection probably because it is a cheap cheap tablet xD :/ however my ID is KhaosSparkz
  9. I have two memorable scars one on my right ARM was downhill bmx racing came off and ended up with a few layers of skin missing that hurt lile a Bitch lol and the other I acquired on the farm I caught my arm on barbed wire lot of blood but didn't notice til some mentioned it had a near miss with an angle grinder luckily I was wearing a big thick coat other wise my intestines and what not would have fallen out lol
  10. people say I am well spoken lol but I have a southern voice but sometimes you can hear the country lad sneak back in occasionaly
  11. lol or as I like to say "Being homosexual or Bi (and whatever else there is) is like having a religion, it's their choice" xD which I guess is a fair statement, one reason why I stay away from the BNP, and a really big reason why I stay the hell away from religion xD And also I grew up with it in the family my nan being a lesbian and my Step-grandads brother being gay xD and a sister who's bi-sexual, and a mum who I have no idea what she is xD We all watch my little pony xD
  12. I did have a look up on the database and didn't see anything on here and I couldn't see an appropriate place for this kind of topic but I was thinking about starting up a chat show for all the MLP and GAK you could possibly imaging xD but in all seriousness what would you guys think to that? just your semi normal chat show talking about all diffenet types of things? let me know
  13. Or quite possibly maybe twilight is to be the next ruler of equestria hence why she is studying like crazy to learn how to cope with the stresses of life xD
  14. OMG i just had a brain storm...... Picture this guys; so Celestia picked Twilight because she was a really unique and very gifted Unicorn, well maybe celestia is like training her up to be almighty and powerful, because maybe celestia can sense something so evil and really powerful that she will need Twilights magic to save the day or something xD Maybe they are building up to that immense battle scene. xD Or maybe she will become to powerful and celestia will have to banish her to the moon, because she is becoming dangerous xD