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  1. Haven't been on here for a while....any fun roleplays pop up?

  2. I have to say that so far it isn't bad, but there were definetly things I didn't like. But the major pro was the conflict with Korra's dad's backstory, and the whole evil uncle thing. It was great. However, I'm sad to see that Osami and Bolin have really minor roles it seems. Their "adventure" literally just seemed like filler to fill up an hour, and Osami didn't even show up for the spirit fight! Also, the fire ferrets broke up. Just no. And Korra seemed to be on her period or something in this episode. Literally, she was really bi-polar the whole time, and had no judgement. She wasn't the Korra we know and love, and it really made me angry.
  3. And now, the song stuck in my head has changed once again. Now it is a song that is really stupid, yet catchy all the same. And it only has like, 4 lines of lyrics, Ready for the awesome lyrics? I'm at the Pizza Hut (What?) I'm at the Taco Bell (What?) I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Listen to the awesome;
  4. Banned because you posted the wrong verision of that song
  5. Just got a PM saying welcome to the forums....and I've been a member for almost a year...kinda late on that one guys, but oh well. Thanks anyways!

    1. Flutterspark


      Better late than never, eh?

  6. Mickey by Toni Basil. We are playing it for our first band halftime show, so a band camp, we listened to it a bunch the first day, and then played it over. And over. And over again. Band Camp was 2 weeks ago, and it's still in my head.
  7. Thank you sooooooo much for saving me a spot in this one, I was beginning to freak out that I was too late. Sorry for being late, I was in Arkansas for a few days. I will catch up, I promise!
  8. Hmm, I hope he does okay. I wasn't a big Matt Smith fan, and it will definetly be interesting having an older doctor. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  9. Banned because this game is no fun if it is jusdt between two people.
  10. Banned because I sadly don't play that game. :,(
  11. This guys is wearing a brown jacket and a bowtie. Has brown swooping hair that is parted on the right. (His right.) And is (figuratively) riding a horse that we can assume his name is Susan. The outfit and hair look an awful lot like this; Concidence? I think Hasbro did something right.
  12. I wish every brony said the same about love and tolerance...but unfortunately, a lot don't. But you're right. Being a brony is so much more than people realize. If only the haters would understand that.
  13. Banned for bringing a pg13 subject into this!