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  1. Berry wasn't shy about letting out a gruff sigh of relief before speaking. "Thank you Vim. This body of mine isn't what it used to be. Last I went to the doctors a month ago he said I couldn't stay up for over 48 hours in a row anymore. Tch! Imagine the cheek of the lad, telling me what I can and can't do. I do like to humor them. You know, to make them think that all that education actually meant something?" He yawned shortly after his short speech. His eye lids drooped until his eyes were half open. "I think I'll take you up on that offer. Though for that... green fellow's sake, I hope I don't run into him. I'm not feeling very social right now. That is the fun part about being old though. You can get away with saying almost anything, and they'll only call you crazy. I could have used that advantage years ago. Well, I'll start walking. Maybe... maybe I'll even make it there." Without another word, Berry turns around, and walks to the door, opening it, and departing. Gradually making his way to the back. He enters the dining car, his vision narrowed unnaturally to the door on the other side of the dining car. He ignores everyone as he makes his way towards the door on the other side. "Almost... there." His steps grew slightly slower, until by the time he reached the door on the otherside of the dining car, he stopped. "Oh no... another door. So, tired... how, am I so... tired?" Berry Nut blinked tiredly at the door in front of him. His mouth opened, but nothing came out. He only shook his head slowly as if in disbelief at the door. "I hate you." He mutters darkly at the door as if it could hear him.
  2. Berry looked at Redheart with a bored look. He calmly waited for her response to his question. Noting her confused expression he thought to himself. "What is wrong with this pony? And why couldn't Vim talk to her himself? She's not very imposing now is she. No, not like that dark pony from earlier. That is a pony I don't want to be in a room alone with. With logic like his, he could justify anything... much more dangerous a pony than Trixie could ever hope to be." Suddenly he heard an interruption. Dawn began speaking and, over the next few seconds as she spoke in loud voice tones, his eyes widened considerably. Berry began feeling very, very sorry that he had asked his question. He tried to think, but the only thought that came to his mind was to make the terrible noises stop. Her giddyness and oddity made him want to run as fast as he could towards the door. "This is horrifying, by the stars, whoever raised this pony has my eternal sympathy. Imagine listening to this... this non-sequitur yammering for years." He flinched noticeably at the higher octave of her voice. His left eye twitched and he began feeling dizzy. He groaned very faintly, but audibly and looked to the floor. He felt much more tired after having to digest this pony's words. His left hoof raised up slightly as he almost began to stumble but caught himself. "I wonder if this is how people feel after listening to me." "No, no..." Suddenly he realized exactly what she had said. His mind had only pieced together bits and pieces, but then her voice played back loudly in his mind. "Would you like to meet all of my cats!?" "Please... no. I've not done that much wrong that I'd deserve, such a thing." He let out a quiet sigh. "Vim old friend, are there rooms on this train? I require naps. Lots, of naps. For rest you see." He said in a dazed manner, as if he had been spun in a circle for an hour and could barely comprehend what was going on. Berry's mind began feeling sluggish after he said this. It was as if his body pretended to be whole, and the second he spoke of weariness it broke the illusion. This sluggishness brought him to remember the fact that he hadn't slept in some time. This made him even more tired, but he forced himself by sheer force of will to not sit down. A yawn escaped his mouth. He was prepared to give in to unconsciousness. "As soon as I see a pillow... and perhaps even feel it, sleep is mine."
  3. @@Key Gear, Berry glanced between Vim and Redheart methodically. He saw their immediate expressions were of great shock. This pleased him, because it reminded him that he was still capable of shocking ponies. "I am enjoying this train already." He thought this even as at least Vim's expression settled down to his usual self. He turned his attention to Vim, his grin smile fading into a relatively bored expression. Seeing Vim begin to calm down had a naturally calming effect on Berry. He felt the initial adrenaline rush of being caught quickly fade away. He nodded to Vim as he was bid a good morning. As Vim turned towards Redheart, who still looked shocked, Berry arched his right eyebrow ever so slightly at her. "I wonder what's wrong with her... surely she must know that if she's not careful, her face will become stuck that way." Berry's thoughts were drawn quickly to Vim's words, but his eyes stayed on Redheart. "The cat... is hers... I wonder how many she has." As Vim spoke, Berry tilted his head to the left. He always did this when he was thinking very hard. In truth, Berry found this very odd. Upon finishing, he only waited two seconds before giving his answer. His eyes had been on Redheart the entire time. "Well really I am confused... I am confused, because, it makes no sense. Think about it really..." He began walking several paces towards Redheart. "Let me set a scenario. There is a dangerous pony suspected of being on a train. This pony can use magic, and something happens where suddenly this pony has... disappeared. Do you really want to stop the train to find out if the pony is gone? Is that a joke? If you throw a pony off a train are you really going to stop the train shortly after to allow the pony to catch up? By that logic... both of them really... your best bet is to go faster. Taking as few stops as possible and going as quickly as you can. Why would you stop... no no no you are being absurd, young pony. Let me tell you something. If this Trixie is no longer visible aboard stopping the train isn't going to magically make her appear. So if she is gone than you take it as it is, because the alternative is assuming she isn't aboard and stopping will just give her an opportunity to get a bite to eat and board the train again. Do you understand how your worries make no sense? You confound me." Berry finished and blinked several times. There was something else... he recalled that something else confused him. He waited several seconds, awkwardly staring directly at Redheart for 10 seconds. Finally he remembered. "What is that cat doing here?"
  4. The longer Berry stayed in place, being so very quiet and still, the more tired he became. His eyes drooped, but even at his old age he felt the excitement. He learned that the strange pegasus' name was Springer, and that apparently Trixie had been aboard causing trouble on this train. "If she was causing trouble... then where is she now?" For some reason, his mind kept going back to the days when bullies would try to switch from picking on him to going after Vim. Berry imagined the scene.... In the dining car on either side, was Trixie, and Vim. Vim demanded that that Trixie poof away or he would throw her from the train. Trixie would laugh, and then charge up her horn for a magical blast. Vim wouldn't wait for her to attack. He begins to run towards her like a powerful unstoppable force. Trixie begins to fire not just one blast, but a barrage of mystic bolts that would surely permanently injure Vim if he was hit by even one. The room lights up everytime a blast flies past Vim. He's like a juggernaut, either leaping to the side, or flipping a table to absorb the blast. Finally he would be halfway across the dining car, Vim leaps on top of a table in front of him, and then leaps powerfully forward. He tucks in, dodging several blasts as he flips forward in mid air, uncurling himself with his right hoof raised to strike. Trixie only has time to shoot off one more blast, and she does. It strikes Vim's left shoulder, but it only appears to anger him more. Everything goes black just as Vim's hoof strikes Trixie's horn so hard that the horn breaks into many pieces, and all of the glass in the dining car shatters. Berry just smirks quietly to himself. "I should have liked to see that. Perhaps from one or two cars away. Vim can be quite a handful when enraged." Berry noticed the feline edging towards him. "Oh my..." His thoughts raced. He rolled his eyes, but knew that if he moved to suddenly that not only would his presence become obvious, but he'd be under scrutiny. As the cat drew ever closer, and even meowed, sweat began to form on his face. The pressure was immense. He knew he'd been spotted and there was only one solution. He suddenly turned to the cat, no longer hugging the wall. His back popped painfully, but he was in the moment and could barely feel the pain. To an outside observer, a 2D pony would peel away from the wall and turn to the cat. Slowly Berry allowed his magic to go away. The patterns on his fur fading until the illusion was gone and he was himself again. He did his best to look normal in the face of the ponies in the room. Though on the inside he knew that he needed to craft something to say. "That was perfectly normal." He thought hopefully. Despite his feeling the need to craft an excuse, nothing came out. He looked from Redheart to Vim, then shrugged with a roguish grin that didn't quite fit his droll features. The grin left his face only after a few seconds. After grinning, he finally found words which he thought were brilliant for the occasion. In his mind, he clapped himself on the back for being so clever. After clearing his throat, he said clearly and concisely. "Good evening."
  5. Berry didn’t know exactly what his plan was as he exited the dining car. He just resolved to follow this dark pony. “Where he goes, surely some form of intrigue must follow” Berry reasoned to himself. After seeing the dark pony talk so precisely and assured, Berry couldn’t help but respect him. “He seems young… but he speaks as one of many years. Even over my own. This… makes no sense.” Berry stopped as Dusky entered the baggage car, making sure to not be seen or heard as Dusky entered, he moved near the door and placed his ear against the wall. He heard the talking very faintly so that it sounded more like murmuring, and his mind immediately went to work translating it into words. Berry began to feel a rush of excitement. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to be there, and yet there he was enjoying himself. This became evident even as Vim began dressing Dusky down. Berry smiled broadly. “Aahh, Vim’s authority even here is questioned by none. My dear friend Vim, oh the leader you are, and oh the irony that you should only be head of a train instead of your own nation state.” Berry smirked to himself as he heard Dusky swallow his pride in the face of Vim’s words. “Poor dark one, do you not know that Vim the Red has no fear?” He thought to himself even as he heard Vim take the role of the worried commander for his soldier. Berry loved that about Vim. When Berry was younger, he idolized Vim’s ability to seemingly be everything except for the philosopher. “So Coal is his name? The dark one has a dark name to match… I suppose it would have been absurd to assume his name would be Sunshine Candy. Hm… have I seen his cutie mark?” Then Berry began listening hard when his mind translated the word dreams from the murmuring. Berry was a firm believer that the dreams of ponies were a gateway into their sub-conscious. His mind began to reason the reasoning. There must be a reason for the dark pony’s concerns. “Flowers… flowers everywhere… what does this mean? Everything is different? So this means the dream is powerful. No, not powerful. What is the word… how can a dream make things seem new? Hmm, how can a dream… make things look new… no. No he said different, not knew, so it’s familiar but it’s not the same it’s not what it used to be. Is he perhaps sleep-walking? Perhaps he thinks this is a dream? Wait, but if things look different, what if he knows he is in a dream and the dream is changing? Has he dreamed this dream before, of course, in order for it to be different it must have been the same once. It is different now, then he must be in a dream and things are happening that hasn’t happened in the dream. The dream… has been thrown off balance by something. Yes, yes of course. Something has happened on this train to disrupt the normal cycle of his dream. These… flowers are they… what are the flowers? They make him uncomfortable, so are they what is different. No… no, no it’s not the flowers that make him uncomfortable, it’s the difference in the dream. He is asleep, but awake. He’s dreaming… at the same time that he thinks he is awake. Or most interestingly… that WE think he’s awake.” The rest of Dusky’s conversation with Vim seemed to only half process. There was someone named Asteria, and he gathered that she was some part of a research party and had no ticket. Berry’s mind was on the riddle. Before Berry knew it, he suddenly heard hoof steps quickly coming towards the door. He grimaced. Not having time to think, his horn glowed a faint yellow color briefly, and his fur began to perfectly mimic the patterns along the wall paint, and he swiftly hugged the wall as closely as he could and went to stand at the closest corner out of the way of immediate eyesight. Sure enough, the door swung open, and Dusky looked to be a pony on a mission. When Dusky passed, and left, he breathed out a quick sigh of relief. “I’m far too old for this… but it’s like old times nonetheless.” He grinned after Dusky had walked off and out the other door, he evaded being spotted. He decided not to press his luck, and to find a better place to hide. He proceeded through the door quietly. His magical camouflage still in effect as he hugged the wall and slowly walked into the room with Vim. His heart was racing quickly, and just before he was about to reveal himself, he heard the hoof-steps after only a minute or two. He was able to match the walls perfectly, and found a dark place in the corner so that he would be noticeable only if looked at quite hard. His naturally thin frame made this easy. His magic bent the patterns to make him appear flat, but a simple nudge would be all it took to break the patterned illusion. To avoid this, he made certain to be nowhere near the door. He waited until Dusky had completed some sort of quick exchange with Vim. Berry pondered how best to make his appearance known to Vim.
  6. Berry Nut had remained silent after speaking. He couldn't put his hoof on it, but this was no normal pony. Berry noticed the way that this dark pony's eyes lit up. Like a beast who was sleeping in a fitful sleep and woken abruptly. "Oh bother... I hope I didn't make a mistake." Berry smiled at Daylight very faintly. "So I was right... he is the light, and the dark pony, is the darkness. Perhaps even despair, in some strange way.... I wonder where they are going." Berry listened with an ear that was trained to hear what wasn't being said, as well as what was being said. He listened to Dusky speak, maintaining his bored look, and nodding occassionally as though relating to or understanding his premise. In his travels, Berry found that usually the first thing ponies want is an ear to listen. So doing anything to make it clear that they had your undivided attention made them feel their words had meaning behind just vibrations in the air that couldn't be heard if there was no ear drum around to translate the vibrations. Berry didn't smile, but he wanted to. He was hearing some reasoning, and it was fascinating to him. Berry noted that the dark pony had, followed the adventures of the golden one. "So there is already some manner of... commonality here. This is not unlike, my brief run ins with that young stallion in Los Pegasus... if only I could remember his name..." Berry was growing to like the dynamic he was seeing here. Despite his stand-off mannerisms, this dark pony was someone Berry decided a few things about immediately. “This pony has some manner of power... he reminds me of the criminal elite in Manehatten. Such an air of knowing, and superiority, doesn't just grow on anypony. He has power.” As Dusky finished speaking, Berry was still pondering things to remember about what not to do around him. He partially listened as Daylight began speaking, and he continued to decide things to remember about the dark pony. “Number two... make sure to avoid being alone with him. Perhaps it's the mane, or how he speaks, but... being alone with this pony without some manner of escape, would be terrible mistake.” He nodded, mostly to himself, as Daylight began to speak of seeking knowledge, his mind focused on what was said. Berry blinked a few times. "Oh... names. Perhaps one of my aliases might do." Just as Berry decided on a name to present himself as, he noticed Dusky's gaze drawn to a familiar pony. The same green furred pony that he had seen exiting the train earlier. He had returned, and Berry could sense the confusion even from the dark pony. Berry frowned as Dusky seemed to be in genuine displeasure. He found himself feeling sympathetic to this dark pony. He knew what it felt like for things to not go according to plan. "The worst feeling in the world, is when your world isn't... your own." Berry felt saddened that this dark pony was thrust into such a place. His face only showed a faint frown. Berry turned his attention to Lapis. As Lapis relayed his information, the only thought in his mind was how had this dark pony done anything wrong except being a catalyst in intelligent conversation. "Hard time? Those other ponies didn't have very thick skins from what I could tell... walking out from simple topic of, normal conversation. How strange... perhaps they felt emotional from, something. I see nothing wrong." As Dusky responded to Lapis' concerns, Berry slowly smiled tiredly. There was some manner of politics at work here that had some history to it that he wasn't aware of. It amused him despite how tired Berry was suddenly beginning to feel. "That was some strong tea I drank earlier..." Electrobolt's appearance abruptly halted his thoughts, and as he delivered his message to Dusky he just blinked at him a few times and slowly shook his head ever so slightly. "That young pony is breaking rule one..." He raised his right eyebrow as Dusky rose from his seating. He took a step back as Dusky walked to stand beside the green pony and whispered. Berry nodded a little to himself as his old eyes watched Dusky depart with his head high. "Power... indeed. Power. That had to be some sort of threat. This is like being in Los Pegasus again, except I get to be one of lucky punks who get to watch the show... I can live with this." Berry slowly made his way out of the dining car. He suddenly realized that he was becoming surrounded by strangers and he had very little idea what they were talking about. The interesting dark pony had left, and it was as if a fog had suddenly lifted and he noticed what else was going on besides the light and the darkness of Daylight and Dusky. He decided to make his way to the door that Dusky left out of. He walked towards it swiftly, hoping no one would ask his name. "I got lucky before, but... following the path of this dark pony, might get me killed." He sighed at the thought, but he didn't feel terribly disappointed by the idea.
  7. Berry had been quietly listening to all of this. As he drank his coffee in silence, noting that he was not recognized as being significant allowed him to slowly regain a mental account of everything that had been said and was being said. As dusky spoke, he found his way to some rather questionable food items. As he took up one food item randomly. He may not have been looking at the ponies sitting at that table, but he heard the words. And there was one pony who seemed... odd, to him. As Dusky began his talk of the philosophical nuances of good, the more odd that pony in particular seemed. “What sort of life has this pony lived that has given him such a twisted, lazy vision?” Berry chomped into the food, chewing slowly, not really tasting it except noting it's odd flavor. He briefly pondered what he was actually eating. He reasoned that it must be exotic food. His expression grew serious as his mind was fueled by the food. He listened as Magicon and Flow departed before he slowly turned around, finishing off his coffee before taking a slow deep breath. He made certain to look as bored as possible as he looked upon the darker of the two ponies now seated at the table. He raised his eyebrows faintly at this tall dark pony. Even sitting down, Dusky seemed imposing. He eyed the other pony, and found him to be almost the polar opposite. “Darkness, despair, and hopelessness... and seated nearby is order, hope, and... perhaps a light. How intriguing, what an intriguing dynamic. Yes, this is good. Very good, perfect.” He thought these things as he turned his gaze back to Dusky and moved to stand slightly behind him at this point, but more to Dusky's right as he cleared his throat in a gruff unceremonious measure, that caused him to break into a cough. He hacked and wheezed for nearly a minute before humming a little, and regaining his composure. He speaks in as neutral a tone as he can, aside from some slight hoarseness. “You're wrong, actually. I'm not sure if you realized it but, you are wrong. The idea that good is... merely a mental construct and they don't actually exist is in reality, an oversimplification of a... well, simple matter in theory. Let me tell you what these things are. They are, intrinsic traits of environmental bias. To explain that, I'll claim that indeed, it's due to environments that cause people to end up how they do. Events, that... shape our ideologies and beliefs. They exist not just in the mind of ponies, my dear dark one, but in reality, they exist because they are specific traits within us that make one side of reality easier to dwell in compared to another. Now lets discuss traits. Some ponies have certain talents and ambitions that make them more prone to doing bad things because it is in fact easier for them to understand and grasp. Everyone can be good if they really wanted to, or bad if they really wanted to. It's all about willingness to participate in third-party self depreciation of perceived morality. Because morals are all about perception. Something good, to me... may not be good for others. The key to living in this world, is respecting that there is good, and there is bad, but both can be explained. To oversimplify the issue of, good and bad, tarnishes the... glory, of the fight. Because of course without a challenge life is meaningless to begin with. Without a purpose we're just an essence of dust. Former glories being overshadowed by a tarnished existence filled with confusion, violence, and the perpetual lack of environmental equality that perforates society. In all of this, it makes us connected. It's what makes us alive, ponies, and on this train at this very moment. Good and bad... law and disorder, they are all connected by environment. As, an experiment, set a pony with chaotic traits in a neutral environment. You will obtain someone who has the ability to get what they want with little care to how their actions will be perceived by others. Because it's a neutral environment, so they won't be judged. You see? It's simple in theory, but in relative terms it can go on forever. That's the beauty of it, you see... it's not just good and bad anymore now is it? Much to simple to be any fun.” He coughed once, whether it was intentional or not is hard to say, but there was something... a light in his eyes that seemed dim before. His posture during his speech had become less feeble, and more assured. He stared at Dusky with an indifference as a teacher correcting a student. “I didn't mean to interrupt... just wanted to correct you because, it was a mistake. Mistakes, aren't good to make, you know? They always just, come back. You and I, we're very much alike I think. Perhaps we both looked into the abyss. The true difference in our perceptions, is because when you looked into the abyss... you blinked.” His expression remained constant as he spoke.
  8. Berry Nut kept his eyes glued to Arcanel, blinking lazily every few minutes as if it wasn't the first thing on his mind. In fact, it wasn't even close. From what Berry gathered, this was a mail pony who was doing... something interesting. He stared at Arcanel with a blank look, tilting his head more and more until by the time he caught himself his head was totally leans to the right. "That is amazing... look at his lips move, you'd almost think it was the common tongue. I wonder what language it is... maybe mail ponies nowadays have their own." Berry Nut thought this even as Vim was replying, he could barely follow their conversation. His brain seemed to just want to shut it out. It was focusing on something else. Something deep down in him was trying to say something important to him. A message, perhaps it can be interpretted. As Arcanel was speaking to Vim, Berry Nut began a deep introspective analysis of the signals he was feeling. "Berry what are we getting here? Well Berry it seems to be... wait, you've got to hear this it's incredible." He listened to himself think, if such a thing were remotely possible, he could swear to any that asked that he was hearing himself think. Not that he'd ever say that to someone. "I'm getting a gurgling noise, it sounds like a monster Berry! Take a listen for yourself." At that moment Berry could hear it. Feel it as well, his insides seemed to be moving around, taking a position before releasing a gurgled moan of anguish. Suddenly Berry realized an epiphany that stopped his thoughts quickly. It was his stomach, and he hadn't eaten anything for a while. He remembered the tea. He glanced around as the mail pony talked. "There must be a way out of here. I wish I knew what that... Arcanel, was babbling about. What Celestia needs to do to criminals is put them in a room stuck with this pony for at least three months. That will not only make them not go back to their criminal ways, but undoubtedly their minds would be sucked dry of imagination as well. So they couldn't even conceive of..." He stopped his train of thought, noting the door to the train. He saw out of the corner of his eye a green pony trotting off the train. After a few seconds, seeing the pony leave, he felt no curiosity to who he was or what he was doing leaving the train. He only saw... the door. Berry got up, and began walking slowly to the door. He was hungry and was certain that there was food inside. "Or a reasonable facsimile anyway." He didn't allow the thought to deter him, he took several steps forward. Suddenly the door seemed so much further away. The thought occurred to him that the train was moving again, so he quickened his pace. A slightly worried expression forming on his face. Berry didn't know why he thought the train would suddenly leave without it's conductor, but for all he knew maybe there was some wise pony stealing it from under Vim's very nose. Berry suddenly frowned and willed himself to stop being absurd. In that moment, the train door was practically right in front of him. He stopped abruptly, just short of smashing into it. He let out a breath slowly with a deep sigh before letting himself in, and casually glancing around. "The dining car is typically closer to the caboose in these sorts of passenger trains. I'll just pop in, grab some food, and leave. I'm sure good Vim wouldn't mind." He began making his way through the train, barely conscious of anything besides the idea that food was near. When he entered the dining car, he looked around. There were some ponies sitting at a table, but he didn't really care. His stomach was making it painfully obvious why he was there. He was glaring by this time, looking around, suddenly his eyes zeroed in on the food at their tables, and followed to where it must have come from. With an odd swiftness for one so old, he moved to where the food was, he was probably where he shouldn't be, but for the moment, rules just weren't something important to him. He searched for a glass to pour himself some coffee, and took the liberty of grabbing the pot for himself with a rather wistful smirk. As if he'd found the key to a treasure chest. He silently hoped that no one would notice.
  9. Berry blinked lazily at him. Wow it had been sometime since he had seen Vim. Had it really been that long? He wished suddenly that he looked less like a burning wreck, and more like his librarian self. "To late for that now... what can I do to show him I've still got it..." Berry's eyes widened slightly at the barrage of questions. He wasn't sure why he was surprised, but it was probably due to the fact that Berry hadn't been ready to actually talk to anyone. Certainly not someone who he used to hold in such high esteem. A pony with guts, determination, and a never-say-die attitude. Berry glanced at the ground for a moment as he recalled that to some degree, he used to have those things too. "By the stars, what happened?" When Berry looked back up at Vim, remembering the days when he might have been like this pony. Berry smiled at the term "Blue Devil", that wasn't the first time he was referred to. He took it as a complement, as he recalled in his dice days that's the term people used almost everytime he won a game. That lucky blue devil. That's what they called him in the days that he actually did things that truly were exciting. "I moved here some time ago, but I can barely remember when at this point. Life has been... well, life? That's a strange thing, since I couldn't tell you how life has been. It's not precisely a living thing, I can't feed or pet it. I'm sure wherever it is that it's healthy. Since I'm still alive by it's token of goodwill. Everything is a bit much. I just decided to retire here, after many journeys adventures and quests I discovered that old age. Though that hasn't seemed to stop you my old friend. Tell me, what is this train doing here?" @Arcanel Berry turns his head to the new pony, a sense of irritation growing. Not for anything the innocent pony said or did, but for the simple fact that he was there while Berry was to tired to think of anything terribly kind or clever to reply to the pony. "Why would he want to speak to a train conductor? That means that he must have known that this train would stop here, otherwise he wouldn't have made the trip here. How curious." Berry's gaze betrayed his curiosity as he observed this pony. It overcame his irritation, so his smile faded only slightly.
  10. All night... Berry had been waiting there. That train meant enough to him to sacrifice sleep and food. Throughout the darkness he had quietly been suppressing thoughts of going home and sleeping. In fact, several times he randomly panicked when he thought he had fallen asleep right there sitting down. He couldn't risk that, or he'd miss the train's approach. Finally as the sun rose into the next day, before he could groan and sigh bitterly, he saw it. The train at last. He began feeling his old memories and excitement creep up from his innermost soul. He closed his eyes, a rare, genuine smile marking his face as he breathed deeply. The air was the same as it was 5 minutes ago, but now he felt that thrill of anticipation. That same anticipation he had always felt before going on a long quest in his youth. He could feel it now even as the train grew closer, and closer. He continued to be in this zin like state, he primed his ears, they supplied the noise for his visions and memories. The wheels clattering rhythmically to the invisible beat of adventure and a promise of something new and fresh. That was it. In the back of his mind he reasoned that perhaps he might have been a train conductor, then the thought left as he decided he it surely was the novelty of the experience itself! To become a conductor meant risking that novelty over something that was not promised. That promise? Eternal blissful thrills of adventure. It was his cure to the old age. He breathed in deeply even as these thoughts went through his mind, they soothed him as the sound became louder... but something was wrong. The rhythm began to falter. Berry hoped he was imagining it, and willed any form of cynicism to flee, because it must be his mind playing rude tricks. Why now! Berry's eyebrows furrowed. "Mrnggph?" He muttered incoherently as he peeked his right eye open as the train began grinding it's wheels. He struggled to keep his memories, but in the thought of the train stopping that meant other ponies would be appearing. He didn't want to face their strange looks and expressions. He suddenly began to feel like a rabbit. To stand their doe eye'd while certain humiliation was sure to follow this disaster! "The paper didn't say it would stop, why did it stop? I didn't want it to stop, I just wanted to look, oh for the love of all turnips why would it stop? Dear Princess Celestia... do something!" He thought in frustration. Berry tensed, he hadn't been prepared to deal with anyone. He didn't want to. He felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, and his mind berated him with thoughts that he should have known better than to take this risk. For the hope of reliving some old man's memory. Hundred of thoughts of self depreciation was zooming through Berry's head. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice. It stopped every thought in his head except one. "That's not so bad. At least he has a nice familiar voice." He looked around, and didn't have to look far. He felt like clearing his throat to try and seem like he was doing something else. For he knew this pony. That rustic face, with the no-nonsense expression. Yes even as a colt, Vim held that expression. "Why is it that the older I get, the more everypony looks like they did when they were young?" He tossed the thought around in his head, but came back with no good answer besides some strange theory that he thought up right then and there that he called Reverse Age Symbolic Sight... so Berry decided to offer a genuine smile, despite his tiredness. He valued all the friends he had made, and seeing one of them here may not be like a nice train breezing by, but he'd take what he could get after shivering most of the night. It's certainly not what he came for, but Vim didn't need to know that... His face betrayed nothing of his misgivings except a collected smile, though his tiredness was apparent by his bad posture. "Ah ha ehhrmphr. Hello Vim, old friend. What ~are~ you doing here in the middle of nowhere? Some people call it ponyville though, I'm not to picky."
  11. He was staring out the window again. Sometimes he just couldn't help himself, lost in a self perpetuating time warp that distracted him from time to time. His memories of familiar scenery would draw him into a place no other pony could venture. Berry Nut sighed quietly as he shook himself from the state, turning back to continue dusting off some old books in the Ponyville library. People looked at him with expressions akin to a cross between confusion and concern. What pony in their right mind would take already organized books off the shelf to dust them? He once had this conversation with the head librarian. Berry reasoned that presentation was a large part of why people went to the library. He gave the example of the Canterlot archives to the head librarian, and described a robustly exaggerated scenario where the books were in places no pony could easily reach. Where all the books had thick layers of dust on them that caused everypony within a 20 foot diameter to sneeze, disrupting the calm and quiet atmosphere that was so important to maintaining a peaceful non-disruptive environment. The head librarian relented at this, of course she did. Berry Nut believed in the art of logical explanation. No matter how absurd the action, there could be a reasonable explanation if only for a wanting of perspective. Berry nodded slightly to himself as he lightly dusted the books with a dry cloth, being careful on the book edges so he would not damage the cover. Though he knew sometimes he'd go to far with his reasoning, and go into his shopkeeper haggling mode. In the old days, Berry was quite the haggler when it came to any item he desired in a shop. One shop owner once told him that he could get items from a shop by handing a shopkeeper their own wares and convince them that they needed it so badly that they'd forget it was theirs in the first place. Berry never did such a thing, not even he was so gutsy in his youth. Even now though, as he balanced the book on one hoof and polished it with his rag in the other, he wished he had. So he could have another story to remember. He did this for some hours, losing himself, practically falling asleep in that quiet, when suddenly he heard somepony speak, breaking the spell abruptly. “Excuse me, do you work here?” It was a stallion's voice that Berry Nut did not know. “A patron this far back into the library? Has he never heard of a reference desk rather than bothering busy ponies while they are clearly working meticulously? And his question... do I work here? That is a good question. It doesn't feel like work. It actually feels quite relaxing. Sleep inducing...” He thought to himself, though his expression betrayed only mild irritation, his voice was calm and hallow as he responded. “Yes... yes I do. What do you need?” The pony, taller then him by a few inches, seemed to have white fur and a fair mane of green, along with eyeglasses. He inquired to Berry Nut concerning a book about the history of the Everfree Forest. Berry willed himself to put his dust rag down, and he began looking along the shelves, knowing this particular book to be a bit high up, he excused himself to obtain a ladder. The ladders were typically used rarely, and the head librarian often worried that he would fall, but he wasn't concerned. “If only they knew... I've been through much more frightening experiences then a library ladder. I should respect fear, by fearing what should be feared the most.” He smiled, and coincidentally his expression was timed wonderfully so that this dear patron thought it was a pleasing activity of Berry's to obtain this book. While in Berry's mind he was berating this stallion for his laziness concerning a simple matter of going to the right people for assistance. As Berry set up the ladder and began climbing slowly and methodically, his eyes already catching sight of the book, he pondered to himself. He suddenly realized that he had seen this stallion before. Yes, walking by his home on occasion chatting with a young mare. “Then again, I've seen him with several young mares. He must be popular with them, especially the way this stallion brushes his mane. He must think very highly of himself, or maybe not if he required so much grooming to feel good about himself. Oh to be young and... good looking.” Berry mused to himself as he took his time in taking the book gently and sliding it out with his right hoof with utmost care and precision before hugging it close, and descending. It wasn't pleasant carrying books this way, but soiling history with his mouth always felt wrong to him. Berry reached the bottom of the ladder without incident, and balanced the book on his hoof as he offered it to the stallion. “Thank you so much sir!” The stallion said with an exuberant nod of his head. He took the book... in his mouth, and set it down on the floor. “How... insolent. No respect for knowledge, is a little care to much to ask of these young ponies today?” Berry thought to himself as he resisted showing his displeasure. The stallion took up the book in his mouth and tossed it behind him, it landed on his back. A very clever trick indeed. Before he turned to leave, he stopped, and blinked a few times. Berry was growing socially weak with such a display of hesitation. “Is there something else?” Berry said in that hallow voice that rang with a strength that is unusual for one of his age. It was his no nonsense voice. The stallion tilted his head to the side. “You're a unicorn, right? Couldn't you have just used magic to, you know, kinda get the book?” The stallion spoke confidently. Berry narrowed his eyes slightly and sighed softly. “Lets, discuss your points one at a time, young pony. Yes, I am a unicorn... for your benefit I'll leave it at that. There is no such thing as ~kinda~ getting a book. Unless I ripped out part of it and left the rest of it. Magic isn't to be used in such a haphazard manner where other options are still available and reasonable. I'm a librarian, not restaurant pony. There is no such thing as fast knowledge books. This is a library, and knowledge comes with patience and seeking. You'd do well to remember that. Be more patient in the future when it comes to your knowledge, or you might make a mistake.” Berry spoke in a very parental manner, hoping he sounded tired and old enough to warrant no argument from this stallion. He held back a smile as the stallion gave him a wary glance before nodding and trotting off. Berry sighed in relief. “Another patron satisfied!” He smiled slightly and decided that the head librarian would understand if he left a bit later then usual. He always stayed a bit late. And tonight was no exception. It was dark outside already. He went to the back room to pull on his saddle bag, and before he left he made sure to turn out the lights. Berry Nut casually made his way out of the library. He didn't move like an older pony would normally move. His was an above average paced walk that made him look like he was always needing to be somewhere. As he walked the empty streets of Ponyville, he saw very few lights on. He passed a newsstand and saw a copy of the Ponyville Gazette, the last one, and the paper pony was asleep. He tsked before his horn glowed a faint yellow color, ten bits flipped from his saddlebag and landed in a pyramid pattern, perfectly stacked on the stand with tiny clinks that didn't wake the sleeping pony. He nudged the paper from the stand, and let it slide into his saddle bag, smiling a grin that he usually had when he used his magic when no one was watching, to do things that no one expected. Ever since he was a little colt, he had gotten a kick out of such things. He still did even in his old age. When Berry got home, he fixed himself a glass of water and sat in his chair. A very comfy chair he had obtained in Manehatten many years ago. His house was small, with no really defining features about it besides that there was only two windows. One for the living room, and another near the front door. Both of these he kept curtained with dark fabric. He lit a candle with his horn and finally delved into the gazette. Berry liked to read newspapers with cool water, something about it reminded him that he was retired and here to relax. “What's this? A train carrying that flim-flam filly they call Trixie set out from Canterlot and on it's way to Manehatten? Why, that would bring the train through here. Hmm... I do like trains, maybe I'll go watch it. Bring back memories of my lucky days. Yes that would make me happy. Yes I think I'll do that.” As Berry thought this, a smile crossed his face for a moment. He liked remembering his days when he was more than what he was. A time when riches and prosperity always seemed one innovation away. While he didn't get much success, some of it was exhilarating. “I did have some joint pain earlier today. I need to see that train. Good medicine I think it will be.” He wanted to get that rush of adventure in his bones again, and seeing a train would be just the ticket. Berry checked the time, there was a clock piece right in front of him hanging on the wall for that very purpose of letting him know when it was time to sleep, read, and work. But tonight, his guide would be the gazette. Comparing the time that it was scheduled to pass through, to his clock piece, he reasoned that setting off now would be preferable. “Only a chicken hearted blue blood cares if you're early... he would too.” He said to himself, then frowned. He hated talking to himself. It made him feel crazy, which wasn't a thought he enjoyed entertaining. It made him feel better that there was something wrong with everyone else besides himself. It disturbed him less that way. Berry hastily left his home, but not before stuffing the gazette in his saddle bag. He trotted at a brisk pace, his pelvis started to ache a little but he didn't pay it mind. To Berry, that just meant that his pelvis still thought it was time to sit down, but it would stop aching if only to see that train. To feel his youthful energy return with his memories. A time of innovation, and where sorrow had no lease in the wake of his adventurous spirit and unbreakable willpower. Berry raised his head high as the train station came into view. “A moment in time never looked so wonderfully put together for me. I want this, no, I need this. Let me see myself mirrored in those windows as they fly by, and show me the pony I once was. Whom I sometimes wish was still around.” Berry Nut came to a halt nearby a building, and sat down, waiting patiently with a wistful expression. Waiting to be rejuvenated, his eyes scanned for the train that he was sure would not disappoint him.
  12. This is a discussion in fact. My goal being to understand your idea completely and totally. So help me understand. You'd have preferred to see her act in a manner that would be as if she was not in an academy, in an episode that took place where she worked at the most prestigious (presumably) flight school in Equestria? Do not take that statement by itself without realizing that it is the crux of what you are proposing. In regards to the lunch... There is limited air-time available. Because this was not a Spitfire specific episode, showing Spitfire talking with her peers would have distracted from the whole point of the episode. That point being a critical plot device concerning one of the main characters. Because Spitfire is not a main character, nor does she have any plot devices of her own to even be remotely concerned about. So in terms of a breakroom scene, I think the writers didn't want to spend airtime on details that were not essential to the episode's cohesion of character development.
  13. While I realize what you are saying, I can't agree with your basis. She was never teaching a class in the other episodes. If she seemed like two separate people then that is entirely the point of the exercise. She is not the laid back pony when it comes to drilling academy students. Why? Because that wouldn't make sense for an academy. Not just any academy either. This academy is probably the most prestigious in all of Equestria. That is not something that can just be taken lightly and in a laid back manner. Think more in a military sense. I can promise you that drill sergeants are not the same way when they are out of uniform and not in an academy setting. The individual, Gordon Ramsay, would have the same issue that you are complaining of Spitfire. Perhaps you are talking about having a setting in which Spitfire's academy skills can be demonstrated along with an opportunity for her to show her laid-back side that was shown in previous episodes outside of the academy? Because to be honest, being laid back and as quiet as she was before would not have made this a believable episode.
  14. To be honest, I don't think the people who are claiming Spitfire was "out of tune", realize what they are truly implying. For instance: Lets say she had acknowledged rainbow dash in front of the others... as someone who is in a position such as a drill sergeant, that would not have made any sense at all. She's not supposed to be your friend or say things like "Oh hey I know you! You're a good kid." No, that would have broken my suspension of disbelief terribly. Now concerning spitfire's so called "change in attitude": Have any of you seen Hell's Kitchen? If so you'll be familiar with an individual called Gordon Ramsay. Many people think of him as a rude individual... when he is in the kitchen drilling people on cooking. Outside of the kitchen, he seems totally different doesn't he? Very likeable, fun-loving and outgoing. This is the occurance of what I believe the writers were aiming to convey with Spitfire. The flight school is to her as Gordon Ramsay is to his kitchen. The circumstances of the gala, and the sonic rainboom, were highly different. At the best young fliers thing, spitfire and the other wonderbolts were judges, and part of the prize of winning that competition was spending a day with them. Hell's Kitchen had similar times where some of the contestants spent days with Gordon Ramsay, just chilling around and having some fun. That is what it was, and it in no way demonstrated spitfire's ability to drill academy students. So it's not applicable. At the grand galloping gala, the wonderbolts went as celebrities pretty much. As demonstrated by the constant pictures being taken from even the upperclass ponies. Do you think you'd see Spitfire's drilling expertise there? No, not in the slightest. So again, not applicable. I believe I have demonstrated that this episode showed the "Work" side of Spitfire. What she does as a living as opposed to places she goes to out of obligation to some duty to perform. This is how she drills young fliers. That is her work. Criticizing that merely shows a lack of knowledge about how such concepts work in reality. Which is understandable because I doubt everyone is familiar with Gordon Ramsay.