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I am a college student. Which is basically code for saying my time is ridiculously limited, and at other times ridiculously free. I gauge how to spend my free time according to my interest. Due to my interest in ponies, I intend to spend a lot of time here. I enjoy reading. I've been inspired many times by books, and part of how I type and talk is influenced from reading books. I have an interest in history. I'm not the sort of person that keeps a list of names and dates in my head. Though helpful, anyone can do that. Rather, I prefer to understand a deeper sense of perspectives and angles of looking at history. This approach seems to work rather well in my classes related to the subject.


I enjoy playing video games, but lately I have enjoyed ponies a bit more. I'm not sure whether this should concern me or assure me that I'm becoming a more boring individual then I already am. In essence? I believe in the medical science of humor in all things. Be it in my classes or at work, there is always something amusing *somewhere*. Laughter can make a day much more pleasant. Even a smile can make someone else's day that much better. It seems a small and minuscule thing to do... to smile at a stranger. However, it makes a difference. In the end that is what it's all about. Doing one's very best, and leaving a place better off then it was when you came in whenever possible.