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  1. Death Star Celestia... That is too awesome! XD ....I'll resist the temptation to make a 'small thermal exhaust port' joke here. Anyway... these episodes were top notch. Probably my favorite of all the season openers. We got some Equestrian history, we got plenty of action, Discord was a boss, and it left us with the mysterious d12 thingy at the end which will thread nicely for future eps. The whole thing was just epic, they really kicked it up a notch in that respect. Even the animation seems to have gotten an upgrade; you could really feel that during the battle scene between Celestia and Nightmare Moon. I also like how Discord walked a very fine line between good guy and villian. In the end he was a good guy, but he still maintained his nature as a capricious creature of chaos.
  2. We're talking 15 years ago for me, and honestly it wasn't as important for me as it was for college. I don't remember much from my first day at highschool. All I can remember is walking to school with my best friend who I went to middle school with, and then I remember waiting outside the gym (because gym was my first class of the day), it was like 7 am and it was dark and freezing, and we were all kind of huddled there waiting for them to open the doors for us. So, yeah, for me highschool wasn't that important. People glorify it like this a super special time in your life, but honestly, college was way more important for me personally.
  3. Thanks for adding me as a friend :)

  4. It gets worse when you become an old fart like me. I actually kick myself now for all those night that I stayed up until 5 am just frittering around on the internet. Now I actually wish I could go to bed around midnight and wake up at 8 am and not be tired. I mean I've had to make major life changes just so I can get up in the morning like everyone else. I try to exercise and make myself eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and melatonin also helps, but even then I still like to have a five hour energy drink right when I get out of bed... but those things are so expensive, especially if you're needing one every morning, though I guess the same is true for coffee drinkers. Bottom line kids, don't be like me... stop watching anime and go to bed on time like your parents told you! Your future self will thank you for it.
  5. So many awesome fan animations have come out in just the last week. And heres the latest from JanAnimations! I love this! I've been waiting for it for a while. I was hoping that it would be a singular storyline rather than a anthology of short scenes, but this is still awesome!
  6. From what I have seen and heard about Lauren Faust... well she strikes me as the kind of person that probably has mild depression (pure speculation on my part). MLP was her baby, and losing it was more than a little hard to take. I can kind of understand her reaction. I mean getting a cartoon off the ground is stressful and if I were in her shoes... heck I might have said the same thing. I'd be interested to know what the follow up reactions on Twitter were like.
  7. Kenpachiramasama why didn't you do your math homework!?

  8. A little something I whipped up. Captions are magic. I hope we get a Luna song in season 4. Darn it season 4, why you no come out till winter?
  9. I was also waiting for this to come out for a long time, and while it is good, I think I would have been more blown away by it had it just come from out of nowhere rather than having almost a years worth of hype surronding it. Still I'm intrigued by the whole premise. Luna wanted to create her own kingdom of night, but Celestia forbade this; having two seperate kingdoms, one for night and one for day instead of one kingdom with a day and night cycle would cause a rift in Equestria. But Luna disobeyd and took all the orphans of the kingdom away to form her new kingdom. And this is what started the schism between the two sisters. Good stuff.
  10. So we know that Blue Blood has been reffered to as Celestia's nephew, but if he is her biological nephew than it brings up some nagging questions. Does that mean Luna is Blue Blood's mother? Or does Celestia have another sibling? Why isn't Blue Blood an alicorn? Is he immortal or capable of living for a thousand years like Celestia? These questions, I think, are troublesome for the story to work around, and I think it is better to assume that the two are not biologically related. I can't confirm it, but as I understand Lauren Faust herself has said that Blue Blood and Celestia are not biologically related (again I don't have cofirmation of that), which is think is good and the right path to take. That leaves us with a few options. One, Prince Blue Blood is adopted and was raised in the castle by Celestia and other retainers. Or two, being a 'nephew' of the Princess is an honorific title of some sort. I used to be in favor of 'nephew' as being an honor title, perhaps the equivalent of being a duke. But now I'm starting to like the idea of Blue Blood being adopted. My headcanon thinking here is that there might have been some prophecy surronding Blue Blood, and Celestia took him in so she could groom him to complete that prophecy. But perhaps the prophecy was misread, and Blue Blood just ended up being a spoiled brat. Thoughts?
  11. Yes, though I think the ponies use hybridized magic and technology. They can make a few purely technological devices, but these tend to be on par with the 1800s. Higher forms of technology, such as movies, modern sound systems and lighting, video games, and also Twilight's gadgets, are more magic based. It did strike me as a little unusual that Twilight didn't know how to work a vending machine in the human world. But maybe the inspiration of seeing a vending machine could prompt Twilight to build a magical equivalent in Equstria. There's parts of Equstrian technology that almost hint at cultural tendancies; their highest technologies seem to be for medical purposes and to a lesser extent, entertainment, while the guards are still using spears and armor. Almost like the thought of war is so alien to them that they don't spend a great deal of time thinking up new technologies for killing.
  12. Well let me be the first to say that I could be considered an alcoholic. I like the sauce, and I have found it hard to say no to invitation to drink. And I have done a few crazy things... nothing dangerous, just silly stuff that you laugh about the next day. I used to be very vehemently anti-alcohol when I was a teenager... but that was a long time ago and things have changed. When I was a teenager I wouldn't go near a dance. But nowdays, get a few drinks in me and I'll be in the center of the dance floor. Granted it helps that I only dance at conventions where I'm amongst people that are like me. And also... nobody likes the taste of alcohol. Not even die hard alcoholics. Basically your favorite drink is whatever you find goes down easiest. Some like beer because you can eventually became tailored to the taste, while others prefer a shot of hard alcohol and just get it down fast. To that end, my drinks of choice are Jagermesiter, or Crater Lake Vodka (which I consider superior to Grey Goose). For beer I prefer Corona... and of course any kind of hard cider is good.
  13. Yes I am going. By the seat of my pants, and so help me I'm going to be working hard to get my credit card debt under control, but I am going! I have a room at the Clarion but it looks like I missed pre reg so I'll have to pay at the door. I'll be wearing a 'two-of-hearts' card on my shoulder so I should be pretty easy to spot. Anyone can come up and say hi. I'll hopefully be with a none brony friend of mine who wants to come.
  14. Yes I enjoyed the movie. No not stellar but definitely enjoyable; it plays like an extra long episode with a few more bells and whistles than normal, and while it doesn’t break the mold of a typical episode I’d say it fills it comfortably enough. My expectations going in were low. I was firmly against the whole premise from the beginning. I hated the human character designs; to me they looked too much like Bratz Dolls, which have always evoked feelings of visceral hatred in me. Worse was the whole high school thing… I hated high school. I watched Star Wars, and played Warhammer, and other other-worldy geeky pursuits because that was my REFUGE from high school, my escape. And now they were taking these pony characters that I’ve learned to love and cherish… and interjecting them into that environment, basically turning them into stereotypes to sell toys, well it just seemed like poison from the start. But I got objective, I watched it, and it was good. Key I think is that the characters never seemed to quite fall into the stereotype mold that I was afraid they were falling into. The characters were the same despite their new outward appearances; their souls were present and intact. That mostly only applies to the Mane 6 though. Criticisms about Flash and Sunset being underdeveloped I think are fair… though… there was just enough in them that I accepted them in the end. For Sunset it was the part where we see pictures of her from freshmen to junior year, her freshmen year she has the crown and has this expression like, ‘oh this is cool,’ then sophomore year she has the crown again and she thinks ‘oh this suits me,’ then by junior year she’s become tyrannical about the whole prom princess thing and she’s laughing manically… it was funny and it also showed her path to the dark side in a weird way. As for Flash. The part I liked was when Twilight tells him she can’t go to the dance with him (because she has to get back to the portal). Twilight runs off and Flash, dejected, says ‘one no would have been enough.’ …Here we had the handsome prom king, he can have any girl he wants, and here he is… getting rejected by the geeky girl. It was a weirdly inverted moment. It made me feel strangely closer to Flash. It made me ask: ‘why are you even going after the geeky girl?’ which just made me think… well maybe there is more to Flash than meets the eye. And yes I am a Twilight/Flash (Flashlight?) hopeful… but we are going to have to round out that character some more young man. So yeah, it felt like a good multipart episode in movie form, and it definitely provided a much needed between season fix. Thats too bad. Yeah he did need some serious character building but I think there was potential for him, and I was actually kind of intrigued by the FlashLight relation.
  15. Soarin is best pones. ...although he did totally blow it at the Galla. He could have had Rainbow Dash necking him all night long if he had just given her more than just 'thanks for saving my pie.'