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  1. Hmm... I didn't realized they were so small until now, even if it's been like a month since I drew it. Sorry about that For Rainbow Dash, I always like to draw big and fluffy hair, it usually gives good results! And for the door stopper, I've heard multiple occasion of this happening. Parents get rid of this springy thing because they can't support it anymore xD On that, thanks a lot dear! <3
  2. Haha thanks! ^^ I think that Derpy is my favorite drawing I did so far And thanks! :3 Thank you I'm glad you thin so! ^^ First of all, thanks a bunch! It's people like you that keep me going I started drawing in the hiatus of the season 3 and season 4, and I never really drew before. Proof that practice is key! Awww thanks for this<3
  3. Hey there everyone! It's been a while since I posted around here, I hope you're ready for a little artwork spree I have 4 drawings to show you guys. I've made more but I want to use those that I like the most. For the first one, I wanted to make a little portrait of Berry Punch, since I don't see many drawings of her lately. Took the occasion to play with some lighting! Source: http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/art/Day-off-503710712?q=gallery%3ABugplayer%2F39443551&qo=4 _________________ Secundo: I never drew Rainbow Dash while trying to make her look cute, except for one of those ''first drawings'' that I will never speak of again -_- I'm glad it came out the way I wanted it to be. I usually develop the concept along the way. Also, that rainbow was pretty fun to make ^^ Source: http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/art/A-Circle-Of-Dash-507432036?q=gallery%3ABugplayer%2F39443551&qo=2 _______________ Remember these door stoppers? I used to play with them a lot. Such a satisfying noise! Or the most horrific, but that depends what kind of person you are haha! First I went with a smooth brush, but I wasn't satisfied of the result at all, so I decided to try with a paint style instead. Gave me the occasion to try a few brushes I found. So yeah! Here's Bubble Butt discovering some science. Source: http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/art/Uh-oh-Derpy-Found-Science-509224080?q=gallery%3ABugplayer%2F39443551&qo=1 _________________ ALRIGHT! Last one. This one is particular for multiple reasons. I loved my drawing ''Good morning Fluttershy'' so much that I simply had to print it on a mug. To be honest, it's literally one of the best thing I bought! But what I find the most amazing is that the true and only Andrea Libman (Voice actor of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) tweeted it and shared it on her Facebook. It's CRAZY I tell you! Here's what I mean: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=786427948072706&id=256050671110439 That's the second time she does that with my stuff I can't even. Also, for those who are interested in having one, I made it available on Redbubble. It's an 11 Ounce So if you want one, take a look! http://www.redbubble.com/people/bugplayer/works/13640020-good-morning-fluttershy?p=mug And the source of the image: http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/art/Fluttershy-Mug-506876156?q=gallery%3ABugplayer%2F39443551&qo=3 _________ So there you have it folks. Extra point if you have read everything, and sorry if I make spelling or grammar errors, my main language isn't English If you have any critics you want to share, feel free! I'm always open to them, it helps me getting better and better
  4. Thanks to you both! ^^ And it's been a while since I though about doing Celestia at some point. I may make something about her pretty soon! `D Haha thanks! It means a lot to me, and she's my favorite as well I don't particularly like them either, but simply I had to
  5. Hey there everyone! About 3 days ago, I finished a drawing of Derpy and I though you may be interested I wanted to make something in the same style as my previous drawing, which was called ''Good morning Fluttershy'' For reference purposes, here it is: http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/art/Good-morning-Fluttershy-490675342 I developed the concept as I worked on it, and I felt like playing with warm colors for the occasion. And like I said in the description on Devianart, I feel like the journey of a brony artist has to contain a drawing of a pony in socks at some point. And this concept came to mind! I'm not much of a fan when it comes to socks, but I can definitively see why they're popular, it was pretty fun to draw ^^ Anyway, here it is! Source: http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/art/Good-Morning-Derpy-493268057 Some people said that her little beanie look like pancakes, and I have to agree Like always, if you guys think that something doesn't work or anything, feel free to shoot! Helps me to get better ^.^ On that, thank for checking!
  6. One of my friends told me that she knew a woman who owned a cat that she had to get rid off, and that lady euthanized it because she didn't want that cat to be loved someone else. Like, wow...
  7. Thanky! I love drawing bed manes for some reasons, I really should make more ^^ Haha thanks Kokurai! I'm glad to have you around
  8. Thanks to both of you! And just keep practicing and try different techniques, that's what I did :3 Haha aww you! I think her hind leg holding a cup is kinda awkward. But I guess hooves aren't the best thing to hold a cup and be anatomically correct I really like trying various style. Because I don't have one in particular, and it tend to teach you various things, and that's what I like ^^ And yes of course she doesn't hate them. Because she's Fluttershy, she only dislike things Thanks! ^^ Fluttershy is one of the best when it comes to being adorable, that's why I love drawing her! Oh my, I would love to have a shirt like that And thanks!
  9. Hey there everyone! Some of you may have seen my previous post of this. I uploaded a line-art only version, because I wanted to have your opinion ^^ So here's the finished product! I'm so proud of it, and I personally think it's my best deviation so far. It's more consistent that anything I ever drawn Source: http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/art/Good-morning-Fluttershy-490675342 And a lot of people say that she reminds them of Garfield, haha! Can't wait to make more in this style. If you have opinions, positive or negative, feel free to say! It helps me getting better each time
  10. Awww thank you so much! It means a world to me ^^ I really like drawing her, I'm not saying she's my favorite character, but probably the one I like drawing the most! Thanks again miss Haha you're so silly! these are actually my most recent ones, I just dumped them all in one place :3
  11. Yup! But if you want to avoid a few clicks, here's a link ^^ Thank you in advance my friend http://bugplayer.deviantart.com/ Hmm... I'm not quite sure. I personally love them, because Monday and Tuesday are the days I'm off from work. I guess it's just a stereotype that peoples ''hate'' them, so I went with that
  12. Fluttershy always do the trick when it comes to cheering me up, and on that, I'm honored to know I made your day a little brighter haha! ^^ I'm not really active on the mlp forums, I like to come time to time to check some art and post a few drawings, but I'm mostly active on DeviantArt. If you wish to be up to date with me, you could always watch me there! I mean, if you're okay with that.. Actually, chai would make much more sense, I'm going to change that! And it's also my favorite kind. I simply love that spices flavor/aroma She's really reminding you guys about Garfield that much? Haha! It's probably that ''I hate Mondays'' thing :3 I like to keep the pupils in the same hues of the irises, it gives them a little flavor
  13. Thanks! And I simply love it as well! I may have find a style that I'm going to try more in the future, but the characters I will apply this style on will probably not be as fluffy, since I won't draw them like they just woke up every times hehe :3
  14. It's just means green tea (According to google) Yay! I'm glad you think so ^^ The pupils and irises are maybe a bit too big actually, I may check that out when I come back on it. Anyhow, thanks! Haha it's just mean green tea. I used google traduction and it gave me 4 traductions in Chinese, I hope I took the good one Awww you Thanks! I'm happy to know you think so, that means I did a good job! :3