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  1. ehh, okay. if that's what makes you happy, then by all means go ahead and report me, i guess. i'm perfectly fine with this, since this was probably gonna happen anyway.
  2. lol, whatever floats your boat, dude. call me pathetic, i don't care. i'm just simply stating my opinion, that's all. no harm in that, right?
  3. what a load of crap. in MY opinion people should be allowed to cosplay whatever the hell they want. i could say this a million more times but i bet you still wouldn't get it, lol. pleaae, go take your high standards with you elsewhere, thank you. :3 and, vicke, does it look like i care?
  4. will you people stop complaining about this video and the BIG BAD HATERS and just learn to live with the fact that they just don't like ponies? i don't like preachy people who shove things in other people's faces, just saying.
  5. wow, really? so apparently this rarity cosplayer is "bad" because of her body shape, and therefore the cosplay is bad because it doesn't fit rarity, since apparently the cosplayer is too big. ugh. personally i think she looks just fine. god, some of you people's attitudes towards cosplay makes me SICK.
  6. RARITY IS AWESOME, she's one of my favorite ponies
  7. fluttershy was so cute, i want to hug her! and also twilight sparkle was a cutie too, especially when she bounced around being all happy and stuff after she got into the school and got her cutie mark.
  8. apparently the world is going to end in twenty days

  9. yeah at first i liked rainbow dash because i thought she was pretty and cool but then i decided that twilight sparkle was a little bit more better than her because she's a cutie pie
  10. johnny test is god awful, i mean oh my fucking god, the animation is horrible, the character designs are horrible, and it bascially looks like a massive steaming pile of horse shit drenched in piss.