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  1. We had some good times a few years ago. You probably won't get this, but happy birthday!

  2. I will get it however it becomes available first if its a torrent I will download it, If its dvd I will buy it. If it is actually good I will buy the dvd when it comes out even if I have already downloaded it. I like to hve physical disks for my collection.
  3. First time I have bothered to log on in nearly a month feels a bit weird

  4. Its such a shame people are so easily offended by nothing Oh well

    1. Kyoshi


      I this assumption to be very offensive indeed.

  5. That is easy everyone knows who the best princess is Discord is and always will be best princess In reality I actually think Twilight is my favorite. pic from this comic
  6. Damn son the mods work fast on here. Keeping the trolls at bay.

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    2. Ron Jeremy
    3. Meirno


      Our mods are the best any admin could ask for. We very rarely have no mods on.

    4. mycarhasaMoustache


      I dont think I have ever been on here when there have been no mods The extreme lack of trolls and spams make this best pony forum by far.

  7. I hope that is a joke, If it is a joke it is not funny. Are you aware of the massive war going on over there? What he was saying is Afghanistan is currently are war zone and as a result is full of violence. IMO I dont think the show needs any more violence then what is already in it It manages to create challenges and puts the mane 6 in difficult situations without acting like a cheap horror movie and falling on the easy plot of just at more violence. Its nice that there is 1 thing in this world that dose not revolve around violence. Dont get me wrong I like to kill people on GTA just as much as the next guy but not everything needs violence in it and MLP is one of those things.
  8. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest since we have some really creepy VERY graphic fan stuff about them, So it is only fair play for them to do it about us although it dose make the concept of cupcakes even creepier.
  9. Well I lived in a small caravan for 6 months with a friend of mine It wasn't too bad but kinda sucked for privacy as there was only 1 room. It didnt bother me but he didnt like getting changed if I was sitting there but meh It could have been worse.
  10. Well first of all I would look at what I had eaten that day to double check it wasn't just a strange hallucination then ask if he would grant me wishes lol Hey its worth a try and if I can get to Equestria that way then so be it.
  11. Its just a cartoon get over your self Thankyou please :)

  12. You know what it is I just want people to stop being so negative about everything and shoving your negativity down everyones throat constantly. You are over analysing everything and looking way to deep into every little thing Why is this fandom so fucking miserable and negative all the time. You have made your point you think Equestria girls is sexist What ever that is your opinion. IMO I dont think its sexist I just think its a cartoon and nothing more because that is exactly what it fucking is.
  13. I am Looking forward to seeing Equestria girls!!!

  14. Inb4 inevitable wave of negativity. I completely agree People in this fandom look far too deep into everything to the point where they see bullshit things that are not even there. Any slight change to anything ever and everyone acts as if someone just drove a car into there house and its the end of the world. I used to love coming on this forum, It was a place where I could always find people to talk to about nice things in the show and just discuss who is best pony and relax. It was a nice escape from the drama of life, Now there is more drama here then there is on a weeks worth of television. Why cant people just shut the buck up, cheer up and stop pointing out the floors in literally everything and stop being so damn negative and angry about everything.
  15. You know what If you dont like it dont watch it but please stop going on and on and on about it some of us are actually looking forward to this. Some of are dont look at everything in a negative way.