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  • Age: Unknown

    Gender: Female

    Species: Pegasus

    Appearance: Dark purple body, Blue mane, No tail Pink and purple wings

    Cutie Mark: A Metroid

    Personality: Almost no emotion, Doesn't understand most Ponies(like how they can act like that), Quick whit, Problem solver, Mostly Neutral to almost everypony. Quiet, most of the time is mute.

    Backstory: Born with a lot of defects, Had robotic surgery at young age to let her live. It's hard to tell but she is a Cyber Pony. Never has made any friends due to fact everyone think she's weird and unsafe. Lost her parents along with her tail in a Forrest fire. She has Isolated her self from everypony. Her cutie mark is from all the metroids she has found and kept safe.

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User Feedback

How come the metal parts wouldn't generally be visible?

How could she be alive without a brain?

How exactly does a tesla coil keep her alive in addition to her body's machinery?

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Huh...                             Metroids in Equestria.                                       Ain't they brainsuckers?....Hmm, least I'm safe!


Don't have any qualms myself about slowly replacing every part of your body, but if you wanted a robopony character, why not just a robopony then? Wouldn't have to worry about cutie marks or socialization with others since that'd kind of be expected from a full-bore bot. Get cut some slack as a solely synthetic sort!

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