Blitz Boom

  • Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: Her mane is firey, and her tail in a bulbous boom pattern, as can be seen more accuratly on the picture.<br /><br />Her color used to be orangey all over, but prolonged exposure to an unknown powder seems to have left permanent color change to her body to an extend that any new fur she grows will have the same color as the patches. As the color mayches the layer of inert gunpowder covering her ornamental wings she is certain the color is from an awesome explosive she hopes to remember how to make again one day.<br /><br />Currently the tip of her horn is broken off from standing too close to a new bomb she had made a few days prior to the roleplay, meaning she have to do everything by hoof alone, but it regrows slowly back and she should be able to work out something in a few months at worst.

    Cutie Mark: A smiling bomb, which is also present trice in my Signature to make it easyer to see. :)

    Personality: Happy, hyperactive and with a brain always in motion. She can seem a little off to hook for some, but she can't help it when the idears flow into her head.<br /><br />She gets sad when her inventions dosn't work, but she mostly finds something new to make fast and cheers up soon after.<br /><br />She is also extremely friendly and somewhat naive, leaving her to always greet new faces like friends, even if it's likely a bad idear.

    Backstory: Little is know about what went on with Blitz Boom prior to her showing up in the Everfree Forest a month or so back. Where she's from, who and where her parents are, what brought her there... Nothing.<br /><br />Blitz Boom is not even sure herself. All she know is that she woke up with metalic parts scattered around her in a small, scorched crater in the forest with a massive headache and no knowledge of how she got there besides an earth-shattering kaboom.<br /><br />She knows her basics, and some knowledge is there that had to be passed down from some sort of parental figure, but most direct memories of her past is gone, likely knocked out lf her head in the process of getting her there. She dosn't concern herself with it though, as she haves plenty other things to occupy her busy mind.<br /><br />During the month between her waking up and her roleplay starting she have been busy moving rocks and build a place for her idears next to the rundown shack that she sleeps in. The stone hut is made from small rocks fused together with a cement-like substance she made out of the parts of her assumed wreck and assorted things from the forest. As she dosn't know what exactly the things were she made it from she can't replicate the adhesive. The hut have just been set up and filled with some things she have made and the few things that wasn't used for her house when the roleplay begins.<br /><br />On a side note, she have been into Ponyville before, so some of you might have seen a glance of her before if that angle helps. :)

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