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Book Quill

Harmony Cube

  • Age: 22~24

    Gender: Male

    Species: Pegasus

    Cutie Mark: An open book with half of it written on and a quill writing, signifies him enjoying to read and write books.

    Personality: Book Quill is a very warm-hearted stallion and loves making other's days. He isn't very judgmental and is very friendly, making jokes a lot. He loves helping others and making new friends. He is very hard to anger and hardly ever lashes out on others. He thinks his actions through normally before doing them and will apologize if he feels he has done something wrong towards another. He is willing to try almost anything.

    Backstory: Book grew up in quiet Vanhoover as a colt. He always had a vast collection of books and he has awlways loved to read. He had two younger siblings, one sister and one brother, both of which were very close to him and they all got along very nicely with each other. Book was also the one his siblings looked up to since he was the oldest. When his siblings got into fights, he was the one to stop it and help them get along with each other again.<br /><br />Book and his brother always liked to joke with each other and liked to play games in a kind manner. Book enjoyed to read his stories to his brother for advice on how to get better and for critique on it.<br /><br />​Book Quill and his sister were very close with one another and Book tutored her whenever she needed help with her schoolwork. Book and his sister were very open with each other about what was going on and how they could help each other in certain elements.<br /><br />Book earned his cutie mark when he was ten. Everyone always loved his stories and one day he sat down at home and started writing more books and reading more books, getting his cutie mark. He didn't realize he got his cutie mark at first until the next morning when he woke up and his brother pointed it out to him, an open book and a quill, writing in the book.<br /><br />He worked harder as he got older on his stories and loved helping his siblings and friends out when they needed it, whatever it was.<br /><br />Once he was old enough for college, he attended one in Ponyville. After he was done with his first year, he decided on living there in Ponyville since it was similar to Vanhoover and was his style of place to live.

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I like this ponys back story and he shows a lot of potential too :) would have been cool if it came with a picture but I'm sure I can just picture him in mah mind hehe ^^

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