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The Elusive Cinder

  • Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Species: Earth Pony

    Cutie Mark: A cloud of smoke, symbolizing her tendency towards accidents as a result of overlooking safety procedures in her excitement over her experiments.

    Personality: Trusting and Warm, excitable and easily distracted. She could easily be described as socially awkward - she usually fails to pick up on cues that would be obvious to others. <br /><br />While highly intelligent in Chemistry, Physics and Engineering this acts as a crippling overspecialization: she has little skill with anything beyond her expertise: particularly interacting with others. She tries, but lacks subtlety, tact and the ability to ready body language.<br /><br />She rarely exposes her temper, preferring to defer to the judgment of others: even if she may not agree. However, keeping a temper bottled up isn't healthy (or always possible) and when pushed too far will vent her frustration on the guilty party.<br /><br />Post adventure, she has started to show signs of picking up habits from Scribe and Symphony including a sometimes snarky attitude, a more open temperament and a somewhat less trusting nature.

    Backstory: An Earth Pony 'scientist', kicked out of Canterlot College after an unfortunate incident involving an experiment gone wrong. She still prefers to avoid Canterlot completely if possible, even over a year after the accident.<br /><br />After this event, Cinder found herself on a long journey alongside the Unicorn Scribeshield and the Pegasus Wind Symphony. Her compassion and resourcefulness saved the three of them several times. Returning to Ponyville with Scribeshield as good friends, she seeks to find some way to prove to those who doubt her that despite being an Earth Pony she is more than capable to bettering the lives of others with her inventions.<br /><br />Post adventure, she was talked into joining the Canterlot Guard. Thanks to a mix up in paperwork she ended up being sent with a team to investigate a disturbance in the Everfree Forest on her very first assignment.<br />

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