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Clare Gundersen

  • Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Species: Non-Pony

    Appearance: She is a young female griffon. On her eagle side, she has white feathers, a yellow beak, and yellow eyes, like a tiger. On her lion side, she has golden fur, small, delicate paws, an elegant tail with a small tip at the end. She looks very similar to Gilda as a child.

    Cutie Mark: None, she's a griffon.

    Personality: She is quiet, shy, and obedient. She doesn't speak, and communicates through body and sign language. It is unknown why, but it is speculated she lost her voice or it was taken from her. In general, she is an introvert, and is rather anti-social because of it.

    Backstory: She lived with her family in Griffonstone. She had a mother, father, and a few sisters and brothers. She was happy, until there was a flood and she became separated with her parents. She washed up in Equestria, sick, tired, and hungry. She is currently trying to find a place to stay and wants to get back to her family.

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