Lightning Roller

Lightning Roller

  • Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Species: Pegasus

    Cutie Mark: <p> it appears to look like a guitar, but upon close inspection, you notice that it is formed from weather patterns. the head of the guitar is a cloud, the neck is a lightning bolt, and the body is a pool of water with islands scattered across it. </p>

    Personality: <p> He can be a bit of a hot head at first, but he is genuinely good at heart. He is quick to defend his friends, loyal to a fault and will do whatever he can to help out his fellow ponies. To the few that are close to him, He enjoys playing a few jokes here and there to make the day brighter. </p>

    Backstory: <p> Lightning was born to two wonderful pegasi on a full moon in cloudsdale. His glossy black and blue mane flowing in the wind, shimmering against his grey coat. He grew up like any other normal Pegasus, always looking forward to the next big challenge his classmates would throw at him, whether it was a test of speed or a new trick that someone had come up with. He was always a hot head, never backing down from the other pegasi. He was a quick learner so long as the subject interested him, otherwise it was his time to daydream during class. He participated in junior speedsters, weather factory tours, and occasionally walks around cloudsdale to hear the local music that the latest pony had written as these were the few things that interested him. Lightning was a late bloomer with his cutie mark, he could be narrow minded about his talent and thought that he needed to invest his time in just one thing, but it wasn't until he had a talk with his teacher that he realized his true love of weather and music. That night, he stayed up late working on a song to suit this realization. As the hours passed, his eyelids grew heavy, but he fought against the sleep, "I have to finish this" he thought "This is who I am, This is my special talent", Finally sleep overcame his body and he passed out, quill in hoof. He awoke the next morning to find that his cutie mark had appeared. It was a guitar formed from weather, the head was a cloud, the neck was a lightning bolt, and the body was a pool of water. School passed by like normal and as graduation rolled around, lighting was accepted as a worker at the local weather factory, He was a bit nervous at first, but he found a group of co-workers that he fit in with and from there, work was a synch. Up until now, Lightning has been busy in cloudsdale working with the other weather ponies, when he wasn't working, he was busy at home in Manehattan writing music to the theme of his day. He is also working a side job as a musician in his free time. </p>

Lightning Roller

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