Nightfall Shadow

Star Petal

  • Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Species: Other Pony (Crystal, Bat, etc.)

    Appearance: <p> Nightfall Shadow's specific species is unknown. He was born an Earth Pony, but through magic, experimentation and other unknown means, he became something else. Something, darker, more sinister and evil. He has a dark grey black coat with jet black hair, sharp piranha like teeth. His mane style is similar to that of Lyra, and his tail is short. His Eyes usually appear to be a Brass or a Bronze like color to it, but also shift into a dark red color when he uses magic for unknown reasons. His hoof style is also different than most ponies as the line between his hooves and his fur is clearly seen and they are a much lighter, almost stone grey than the darker black grey of his coat. Finally, he has the same style of ears as Bat Ponies do.  </p>

    Cutie Mark: <p> Cutie Mark is an black Ouroboros. A sign of the serpent which is a symbol of powerful magic, and a forbidden symbol to use in magic spells involving the use of the magic circles which is found in ritual magic. It's meaning is that he is a master of forbidden dark and ritual magic, and actively seeks out hidden knowledge and magic that should had stayed buried forever.  </p>

    Personality: <p> Nightfall Shadow is a master Manipulator. He is sly and cunning and will act out as both arrogant and flamboyant, or speak in an almost angry hushed whisper, especially with his body language to express different words in certain ways to help him take advantage of an arguement, or express a point in order to convince or manipulate others. He speaks with tone, but at the same time the way he speaks and his choice of words almost makes him seem either cryptic and threatening at the same time. When he does out right threaten other ponies his voice lowers and his speech becomes far more direct and plain which enhances his intimidation when it is contrasted against his other self. </p>

    Backstory: <p> Nightfall Shadow was born Starlight Shadow. He grew up in a very abusive home, and to make matters worst, he was bullied very heavily at school. Unlike the vast majority of Equestria, his home was not a very good one. One day he decided to run away from home to try to escape his bad life. He wandered into Nightwood Forest which was west of his home. After several days of wandering the forest he was left cold, starving, and barely alive as he was continuing down animal trails he confused as pony trails. It continued to get darker and darker as he walked forward through the trails until it was too dark to see much in front of him. Suddenly the ground gave way underneath him and he fell into an unknown place, this place would be the spot that would change his life forever. <br /><br /> Breaking two legs down and falling unconscious, he came to hours later barely clinging to life, he was then confronted by a mysterious force with big glowing red eyes, made from shadows appeared before him and offered him a deal. "I can sense great potential in YOU young one" it said, " join with me and I can make you strong, strong enough to live, for if you reject me, you will surely die, join me and you can have whatever you want". <br /><br /> Starlight agreed to save his life and the dark force entered into him, healing him completely. When he merged with the dark being, his head was filled with its dark knowledge, he knew all about magic and many dark mysteries that it held. With that, a horn grew on his head and he became a unicorn just like the dark being was before it became what it was. He could feel his consciousness slipping away forever as the being had only needed his body for its own use, Starlight could feel he was being betrayed, with will power alone and the aid of the knowledge that was filling his mind from the merger, he forcibly shattered the consciousness of the dark being trying to take him over, destroying it forever but keeping the power and knowledge it once had. As he regained his senses and thought for a moment, he knew what he wanted to do, what his  purpose was, and this event was meant as fate for him to acquire what he needed to start fullfilling his destiny in becoming the god of dark magic, he looked back at his flank, and the symbol of the Ouroborus appeared.   </p>

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