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Nightmare Season

Nightmare Season

  • Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Species: Non-Pony

    Appearance: <p> Coat is of a coal black with minor splotches of dirt covering him.<br /> He has a grayish area on his flank.<br /> His mane and tail is long that waves in the wind due to them being made of fire of coloring ranging from yellow to red.<br /> He stands at a height slightly under Princess Celestia's height.<br /> He is a bit heavily built but not from lifting or working out, but due to constantly traveling by hooves.<br /> His facial expression usually holds a frown and looks lonely.<br /> Though he is not per-say a unicorn, he has a long horn similar to that of the unicorn race but the length is longer and at more of a point.<br /> At first glance he typically comes off as scary or intimidating to most. </p>

    Cutie Mark: <p> His cutie mark is that of a tree representing the changing seasons.<br /> This has a duel meaning, first it represents his love for nature and loves being out among-st it. second is that he is kind of a jack-of-all-trades. He is always changing what he dose and what he loves to do. Sometimes it rolls back around as well. His mood also changes like the seasons as well. </p>

    Personality: <p> He is normally sad and lonely. Those ponies that are not too afraid of getting to know him, finds that he is also very kind and gentle. When around new ponies he is a bit shy and gets anxious around a large group. He is never afraid to lift a hoof to help another pony in need should they need it. To help him with helping others, he makes sure to try and learn as much as he can and to just learn for the sake of learning.<br /><br /> He can be a bit naive sometimes due to the fact of not spending time with others, so he is slow in understanding new trends or the current -hip- thing. When it comes to pursuing love he is utterly useless due to being embarrassed and shy pertaining to that matter. It takes a-lot to bring him to anger, but when he dose, he has a fiery temper that he tries to cool off as fast as possible. The few close friends he manages to make, he makes sure to be there for them. He loves to get together with his friends to play games with them.<br /><br /> When faced with danger or opposition he will stand his ground and face it down. Should the danger threaten another pony, he will not flee until he is sure that they are currently safe. When feeling sad and down, he typically finds comfort in nature by himself where he admires the life that is around in the woods. He is typically found by himself, except for the rare occasion he is playing with his close friends.<br /><br /> Likes: Loves the forests<br /> Sleeping under trees<br /> Learning new things<br /> Helping others<br /> Listening to ponies singing<br /> Exploring new places<br /> The few friends he has<br /> Listening to a good story<br /><br /> Dislikes: Ponies who tease others<br /> His own family<br /> The rain<br /> Himself singing </p>

    Backstory: <p> Being a nightmare, he comes from a family that are not friendly. He felt that what his family dose was wrong and it made him feel guilty and sad. So when he had the opportunity, he left to find a place where he could belong. He traveled around a-lot where he still tries to find happiness.<br /><br /> Along the way he found in-himself that he loves to help others, even at his own expense. So that is what he decided he wanted to do. He learned and continues to learn all he can so that he could be useful in any situation. He even picked up fortune telling in tarot cards that he performs freely.<br /><br /> He traveled far and wide outside of Equestria for many years. Moving from place to place never staying in one place too long. Or just being chased out of the area due to his family and their nature that he dose not share.<br /><br /> He typically had to sleep outdoors under a tree due to finding no place to rest in towns along the way. He however found this after a time to be relaxing to him.<br /><br /> Making his way to Equestria only netted him a hoof-full of friends who learned who he is rather than what he is. So these few he holds dear to his heart.<br /><br /> He had first stepped into Equestria from the Southern boarder where he wondered into the Everfree Forest where this will lead him we will find out. </p>

    Other: <p> He is what is known as a Nightmare. A mythical pony that is said to bring with it bad dreams to feed on dreams. They are magical similar to Unicorns but tends to be evil rather than good. On a few occasion one will be good. </p> <p>   </p> <p> Spells;<br /> Fire Lance - He shoots fire out as a form of a weapon.<br /> Tarot reading - allows him to read the cards. </p> <p>   </p> <p> *Special Talent*- He can enter a pony's dream to bring them a nightmare. This he uses as a means to allow the pony to face down a fear they have in a safe environment. </p> <p>   </p> <p> His mane and tail is made of fire that he can control rather it burns or dosn't. So he typically wont use it to burn and catch things on fire. </p> <p>   </p> <p> His only possessions at the moment are; a deck of tarot cards, very well worn out saddlebags, roots he uses to chew on, and a book on herbs. </p>

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