• Age: Apears to be 25

    Gender: Female

    Species: Alicorn

    Appearance: A tall,traditional white unicorn with strawbeary blonde hair that can sometimes be altered to firy red, feathered hoofs, and wings that are hidden by a cloaking spell when she chooses.<br />Super long horn, and the size of a female horse, rather then a pony.

    Cutie Mark: a blue star that looks like the north star

    Personality: cocky, kind, creative, natural leader, Mysterious

    Backstory: she was born when a new star, called the North star was born. she earned her cutie mark when she began to serve those lost scared and begining to loose hope in everything.<br /><br />she was born with her wings, but there were many who scoffed and laughed and beat her because of them. she went through hell and back because of her difference, but she stood her ground, and went through ever trial imagined, including, but not limeted to, loosing those closest to her, trauma, abuse, bulling, loniliness, the weight of everypony relying on her to get the job done, all while still serving those she knew could benifit and find happiness and a life full of peace once again. <br /><br />

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