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The Elusive Cinder

  • Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Species: Earth Pony

    Cutie Mark: Redwave's mark is three red waves. Besides the obvious connotations, this actually represents the motion of the tide: Redwave has survived 'death' no fewer than three times. No matter what, the tide always comes in again.

    Personality: Confident and cocky, Redwave rarely finds it in himself to be concerned about any type of situation - answering all issues with the same jaunty, careless demeanor. A pragmatist - he isn't above using questionable techniques to achieve his goals or even simply save a few seconds that could be better spent simply doing something else.<br /><br />He feels the call of adventure and is easily swayed by his curiosity: secrets and hidden things prove to be his downfall, being unable to give up while still knowing that something is eluding him.<br /><br />Inherently a 'good' character, he lies, cheats and steals - following his own moral code which usually differs somewhat from that of the law. While he has suffered somewhat in his most recent years and now has issues with drinking and insomnia, he simply doesn't know how to give up.

    Backstory: ---------- The Dawn Dreamer ----------<br />**************************************<br /><br />As a colt, Red was always getting into trouble: fighting, lying and getting into places he shouldn't being the most common issues brought up. He was always good to his family however, and quickly learned that his confidence had become a force unto itself - he inspired others around him to listen to what he had to say with every word.<br /><br />On leaving home to start a new life in the city (intending to gamble his way to riches) he was approached with an offer: to be given a ship, free of charge, so long as he took it's owner with him, no questions asked, and never returned.<br /><br />Not only did he find a life better suited to him, he also found a natural knack for swordplay and sailing - bother of which quickly became second nature to him.<br /><br />Redwave and Kingfisher ventured out onto open seas in search of adventure: a colt and a mare, two swashbuckling brigands making their mark in whatever way they could - somewhat distant but drawn together through mutual respect. Their 'crew' consisted of poorly trained ponies who were valued for their loyalty and passion more than their skill. Unfortunately, this led to disaster when the ship was practically destroyed and the crew slaughtered though a mishap relating to an ancient artifact known as 'The Litany of Magic'. Redwave and Kingfisher were unable to do anything: the same loyalty and passion that they were know for had led to the crew locking themselves in with whatever creatures they had unleashed to protect the pair. <br /><br />When the sounds stopped and the locks gave way, both the artifact and the crew were gone - Including a mare that the young stallion had been extremely fond of - Dawn Dreamer.<br /><br />The ship made port on the shores of Saddle Arabia and was rebuilt - renamed after the fallen mare in honor of the crew. It was here that Redwave met the second of his close friends - a Scholar known as Kazemde - or Bardic Knowledge. An expert on magic, artifacts and lost knowledge, Redwave set his new friend the task of researching the Litany of Magic - so that he could finish the job that his crew had started... and possibly find a way to return Miss Dreamer to him.<br /><br />After their ordeals thus far, Redwave and Kingfisher had become closer even than family - though never romantically inclined. Despite his barking orders and seeming lack of respect (and in turn, her cold, blunt manner and threats of mutiny) they worked as one - becoming capable of sailing, working and fighting with the efficiency of a whole crew - neither of them ever wishing to put any more innocent lives at risk. They gave up on the more illegal activities: settling for adventure in favor of piracy - which both ponies had been too morally sound to be very good at anyway.<br /><br /><br />--------- The Everfree Incident --------<br />****************************************<br /><br />Some time later, Redwave suffered his first true brush with death - accepting work from the Canterlot guard with a promise of a great deal of money to repair his ship - adventuring being far less profitable then even the most poorly executed piracy. He ventured into the Everfree Forest - alone - to locate a missing team who had been issued the mission of investigating a series of disturbances. On doing so, he joined their mission - more out of pride and a growing affection for a certain pegasus mare by the name of Mintatheena Wintergreen than anything else - and aided them in vanquishing the reality warper which had been plaguing it.<br /><br />With the creature defeated through the magic of friendship, Redwave stood before it - failing to grasp the concepts of friendship and mercy, he chose to stay and ensure it's demise - despire the deadly venom in the air. Convinced that he had made a heroic sacrifice (and honored as such), he awoke shortly after, lungs and skin seared, but very much alive - with the creature body gone and a red, black and green jewel clasped in his hoof.<br /><br />He survived that day - but soon learned that without the stone, his health quickly deteriorated to the point of desperation. However, with it he felt his mood sour and his temper flare - as it tainted by the beast itself. This ultimately led to him departing from his newfound love in a depressive state and taking to the seas again - alongside his drinking becoming a dangerous problem.<br /><br /><br />--------- The Litany of Magic ---------<br />***************************************<br /><br />Staying at Canterlot between trips, Redwave recieved a letter from his now longtime friend Kazemde - informing him that the location of the Litany of Magic had been discovered. Gathering with several others that the Bard had contacted, the pair set off on a quest to recover the artifact once and for all.<br /><br />Once again Redwave was struck down - petrified by a pseudo-alicorn by the name of Orion Starsinger. Using the power of the Litany of Magic to ascend to near godhood, the pony left Redwave for dead. Once more, his luck prevailed though - after a grief stricken Kingfisher had urged the group onwards to continue their journey alone, Willow Starsinger - the younger sister of the villain - proved to be his savior: freeing him and allowing him to continue on to seek the Litany.<br /><br />Ultimately, Starsinger lost his power and the Litany faded away once again into legend... though this tale is not yet over.

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