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Sorxir Chron


  • Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: <p> right eye: Ember color </p> <p> left eye: Pure Black </p> <p> skin: blue  </p> <p> mane color: brown at the root, the rest is a bright red.  </p> <p> mane style: a bun </p> <p> one-way eyepatch </p>

    Cutie Mark: <p> purple bottle wrapped in black magic, that she'll do magic like her mother, but do potions as well </p>

    Personality: <p> more talkative when relaxed, stressed about her life, touchy with talking about her dad, hates her left eye for looking like her father's , but is fine with it.  </p>

    Backstory: <p> She grew up in a secluded place that was hidden in the forest close to Griffenstone, Her mother took care of her for most of her life, her father was gone and only come home once in awhile. The first time she saw her dad was on her 6th birthday. He kept in the shadows as he watched her and  her family celebrate. After the party, he came up to her and took of his cloak, she instantly bowed, but later found out that he wasn’t officially a princess or king, just a tale of dark history. He picked up her eyepatch and smiled, saying that she won’t be accepted like him. She pulled away and tried to attack him before getting immobilized by her parents. She could feel that the magic felt off with both of them, like a war was going on inside her. Her father’s made her sick and her mother’s tried to help with it. Once she was out, she figured out to break the hold to keep out of that situation. After that, her dad would visit for the night, but be gone in the morning. </p> <p> When she turned 15, she headed out the door to get away from them, they’re magic mixing was going to kill her, they already make her sick, and the fact that her mother was drilling thick books of all the magic she gathered. She headed to equestria and learned a bit about potions and magic from a few different schools and pony. As she wrote the ingredients for the potions, spells and how to use them for maximum effect, and which ones to combine, she notice a light brighter than the candle, she levitated the candle to see her cutie mark. She smiled and started working on a spell that her mother never thought of. </p>

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