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  • Age: ???

    Gender: Male

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: In the School for criminals Feral evolved fangs that are visible even when Spellvamp is in control.

    Cutie Mark: fangs

    Personality: he gets angry easili , has his smart moments , and his need for magic sometimes can get him to switch to his alter ego who he calls Feral, Feral acts on his basic instincts (feed, proliferate, survive)

    Backstory: he was found in the old changling cocon with no memories and nobody new who he was before the transformation now he is half changeling but he can't apsorb love but he can absorb raw magic but he is not OP. When he got in normal life it was great, he had arguably perfect life, he had a family, his wife named Elecric and a child named Magic Songs, but one day it had gone all to hell his wife was not home and he did not have any energy... he turned feral and tried to get out of his house but his daughter tried to stop him from going out and hurting other ponies but she was too weak when she tried to stop him, he attacked her and sucked every last bit of energy out of her, but she was a filly she had so little energy and it was taken avay from her her body coud not stay alive. After he regained consciousness he called the guards and they took him to the school for criminals. After his wife heard the news she comited suicide. In the school for criminals he did some things and tried some things for the first few months but he stopped and now he is just waiting until his 25 year sentence ends.When it ended he moved to a little old cave in Everfree forest, now he hunts the animals and deconstructs them in cocons for biomass but mostly for nutrients.

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