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Steam Gear


  • Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Species: Pegasus

    Appearance: She has an auburn-red mane and a gold colored coat/fur. Steam gear usually carries a black cloak on her back, wether or not she needs it( as in wearing it indoors and such.) Steam carries light red-orange colors with a small traces of yellow irises/pupils.

    Cutie Mark: A plain goldsmith's hammer and a blacksmith hammer crossing(in a X pattern). It represents her talent of being able to create and fix armor, as well as work with small materials.

    Personality: She's a rather cold and non-social/anti-social individual, not bothering to speak to anyone outside her clients and family. She can be considered loyal to others, being as she refuses to lash out(much) at those who manage to get close to her. She tends to hold a silver tongue when it comes to getting out of tricky situations in her life, otherwise, she's mostly honest around others and those who she cares for.<br /><br /> Otherwise, she's rather apathetic when it came to meeting others. Those who manage to get past that, as in manage to make her lose her steely trait, usually ends with her getting into a stubborn childish fit. Most likely if you mange to calm her down and keep on trying, she'll eventually open up. That is if you manage to stay for more of her fits(which will increase over time because of her favoring to be alone without company). She starts yelling at you in frustration if you make her lose her temper. Shortly after that she'll likely spit out some rude or hurtful(or at least she thinks it is) comment before leaving the scene in a huff.<br /><br />Occasionally, if she's stressed, and somewhat frustrated, if you're willing to hear her out, she'll open up to you on what's been bothering her, giving her good advice, will enact her more friendly round you.<br /><br />The only other times she shows emotion that isn't anger, is usually when she makes a mistake, in which she starts to act guilty and kind(ish) to try to erase her mistake.

    Backstory: As a young foal, she'd been carried somewhere from her home in Baltimare by her mother, who'd been throughly cloaked in black clothing and capes to hide her identity. From what Steam had remembered clearly, her mother had landed below into a forest, far from what her mother thought there was civilization. Her mother looked around, dropped steam in the forest, saying words that dripped with venom that Steam Gear had remembered too clearly much to her dismay(Her mother telling her she was a nuisance and that she was never supposed to be there).<br /><br />After the words had been spoken, Steam's mother looked up into the dark forest. Four glowing slitted eyes stared back. Startled by this, she had taken off flying with fast speed to get away from what lurked in the forest.<br /><br />For what could have been days or weeks, the young filly, who hadn't known proper flying and preening was a mess. Dirt matted her fur here and there, there where cuts, bruises, and scrapes from her not knowing the non-familar terrain of the forest, and her wings had feathers poking out here and there, as well as thorns and thistles that rendered her unable to fly at all. She couldn't even yell or call out for help outside the forest, as ponies lacked majorly, those who were near, misstated her voice for a beast in the forest. The event of her getting abandoned in the forest to be left to die by her own mother had taken a harsh turn to her personality.<br /><br />A faithful day approached when in the daytime of the forest, when the monsters were sleeping, and light only peaked out here and there from the tree tops, enough to see all the details of the forest in great beauty, Steam, still small and weak, but somewhat more intelligent of the forest, ventured out to find the pond in the heart of the forest, where she'd remembered that there was fruits and small herbs growing around. She'd found it, coming to the clear pond to get a quick drink of the water, there had been rustling of bushes near by, and small murmers of which she could only hear a few words. Steam took another sip to give the affect of herself being oblivious to the voices. There was another sound, this time of quick and fast humming of wings. She swung around and ran to the large bushes where she'd heard the sounds. Here, she entered the somewhat hallowed bush on the inside, only to find three batponies, one being clearly a colt, and the other two fillies. She asked what and who they were, before introducing her own self to them. In a giddy reply they answered back, saying that they were batponies, and their names, the colt being named Rustwing, The two fillies being named Spector and Nightscape, it was clear that Rustwing was the oldest. <br /><br />"How did you get here? Where are you from? How come you're all alone? Is everything alright? Why are you so skinny(Steam was rather bony because of the harsh forrest's lack of food)?" The bat ponies asked, full of curiosity from the new pony whom they have never seen a pegasus. Steam recoiled a bit, telling them her mother dropped her here, that she didn't know where she came from, that she was fine, though she was wounded in places, parts of her chest showed ribs, and patches of dirt appeared on her hooves and wings. After some chatting between the four, they soon became the first friends of Steam Gear,<br /><br />There was a sound of wings again. This time it was much more calmer, like the flying of a fully grown pegasus, and not the buzzing sound that the batpony children made. A much older Batponu Mare appeared on the other side of the bushes, calling out the names of the three batponies. They rushed out on the other side, saying that the new pony that appeared was their mother, leaving Steam in the bushes. She could easily hear the conversation, the trio of three saying they found a pegasus, as well as what she told them. The mother gasped, asked where she was, the showed her where Steam Gear had been. Shortly after, the took her in, their house, showing her the town and letting her in their cozy little house in the tall trees. She suspected by nighttime, she'f have to go, when she said her goodbyes, the Mother, who she found out was named Moon Orchid, asked her stay, with a soft motherly smile. <br /><br />((At this time she's about 14 years-old))<br /><br />Several years had passed, and at this point, under the correct care of a filly, though she was different and was picked on by other batpony colts and filles, she'd become much taller and bigger, as well as began to look like a regular pegasus, no longer super skinny and having non-preened wings, than she was months before she'd met her new family. Like her now brother and sisters, she called Moon Orchid mother as well, and they treated her as daughter, as well as little sis(by Rustwing), and sister. Moon Orchid's husband, Midnight Heart, a royal Nightguard, working his ranks up, had taking a liking(family-kind) to Steam Gear as well, and became as protective to her as he was to his other family members, and started to teach Steam how to fight and defend herself. <br /><br />Steam Gear had also started to learn the ways of batponies, being under the care of them all, and being influenced by those around her. She flew like a batpony, using strong winds to help her fly in a gliding pattern, and flapping her wings rapidly to escape danger or make the current stronger, Later on, after getting her hooves on a pegasus study guide from Moon(She used few times for Steam), she learned how to fly like an actual pegasus, but kept on using the same type of Batpony flying. She even started to act like a Batpony, move slowly around danger(even if she couldn't see in the dark), rarely come out during morning, only have a diet of fruits and moonflowers, and most of all, only traveled in groups of batponies.<br /><br />Although, overall, downside of living with and in a batpony town that had no other pegasi, earh ponies, or unicorns was how she kept her personality she gained as a younger filly, and only suppressing it around her adopted family, though. It started to worsen as she started to get picked on by other batponies. Occasionally her dad would take her to Ponyville trips for delivering imported items, and she met up with a unicorn and earthpony stallion/colts of her age, and became pen pals with them, sending letters back to each other.\<br /><br />Eventually, when she'd become 15, she had gained her cutie mark. Steam had ventured into the storage room, while Midnight had been talking to his fellow guards about a broken Nightmare gem(the slit-eyed gem on the Nightguard chest piece) that needed to be fixed(it was supposed to be a large rupee shaped item, but one side had been chipped and it stopped the gem from glowing) urgently for some important mission the Captain of the Royal (Night)Guard needed for Princess Luna, who had entrusted them to protect it for future testing of it(As in the guard armor didn't have it yet around this time, and it was needed for testing).<br /> <br />While they had been arguing on how to fix it, and what to say, she had snuck over, and fixed the gemstone perfectly using the goldsmith tools that looked like what would carve it well into a perfect round oval, that caused he gemstone to glow somewhat brighter before, and lose the crack/chip on the side. A guard had seen her do it, brought the gem to the guards and Midnight to show them her work, at that time, when the guard congratulated her, her flank flashed and her cutie mark appeared.<br /><br />As more weeks became months, she stated to move on to metal work, and attempt to learn more about carving and where gemstones could be found.<br /><br />((She's about 17 now))<br /><br />Another faithful day had come. Her father had decided to join his comrades on a mission to venture out the badlands and see what lurked, to bring back what they seen and heard. What had ended up happening was her father getting killed by a changeling, and two guards flying overhead with grim looks on their faces. Five guards had come. Two remained and went back. Moon Orchid, Steam, and the her other family was devastated. She(Moon) began to go into depression, being as Midnight was a large piece of her life, and she couldn't bare to hold the weight of him dying.<br />Her children had caught on to what happened, they knew her subtle lack of eating, how her flowers and fruits she'd grown and loved began to wild and die, or how Moon Orchid no longer wanted to walk to her little cove that she used to walk to when Midnight was there, they knew what had happened. <br /><br />One day she left. She left a note of that she was going out to farm for some herbs, but what they found after it'd been a full night, and she hadn't return. Restless, they flew around the entire forest, searching for their mother. What they found was a statue of what remained of her. There were few white feathers surrounding it, the statue of Moon Orchid's expression was sorrow and half lidded, in a way that she looked as if she was about to cry in acceptance of what would happen. The only thing left of her was a black cloak.<br /><br />((Age 19-20))<br /><br />The death of her parents had saddened Steam, but she went on with her daily life, as did Rustwing, Nightscape, and Spector. Spector and Nightscape had lived in the home and tended to the garden, as a memory of her mother, as did Rustwing. The death of whom she loved most had taken her for the worst. Steam became more apathetic, and lashed out more at others, wether or not they were kin. <br /><br />She didn't live with her family now days. She'd moved out and lived in a secluded place of where her mother and father would take walks with them all, that is before her father died, and time passed. She had cleared out most of the trees around it, and made the area more visible, and built her workshop for custom jewelry and other metal works of any kind. Signs were put up, and flyers were passes out in Manehatten by the same friends she had(the penpals in Ponyville). Little by little her business grew, she had become in affiliation with the nightguards as well, they would give her materials, and she'd make weapons and fix armor.<br /><br /> She often finds herself traveling to Ponyville from time to time, mostly because of the memories she'd left behind, as well as pick up gemstones from outside the town, being as the land is rich in gemstones and various minerals. <br />

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Holly cripe the best back story I have seen in a long time good going

My eyes burning of the amount of words it is awesome but it hurts

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