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Midnight Starfall

  • Age: 20/Mare

    Gender: Female

    Species: Earth Pony

    Appearance: Stoneheart is a light gray pony with a red spiked mane and dark gray eyes. Her tail is gray with a red fluff at the end.

    Cutie Mark: A heart breaking out of stone. It symbolizes Stoneheart's compassion and desire to help every filly and colt break out of their neglect and find loving and caring parents for them.

    Personality: Stoneheart is a loving, kind and caring pony. She's polite and fun-loving and loves to joke around. She does tend to have a temper. She's an impish pony who loves playing pranks and being mischievous. It also tends to get her in trouble. She always tries to stay positive in every situation.

    Backstory: Stoneheart was born in Dodge Junction but moved to Ponyville when she grew up. She didn't fit in in Dodge Junction, but she liked the small town feel.<br /><br />Stoneheart's parents are two Earth ponies who don't really care about anything. She was left to feed and take care of herself at a young age. After taking matters into her own hooves, she found a loving family who took her in.<br /><br />Stoneheart wasn't the brightest, and she wasn't good at academics or anything. She was nice to everypony, but didn't have many friends. It didn't bother her though.<br /><br />She got her cutie mark by helping a lost foal. The foal wandered out of her home and into Ponyville, where she got lost in the streets. Stoneheart found her and was determined to help the foal back to her home. After knocking on doors for about an hour, she finally found her parents. The parents were very grateful and thanked Stoneheart. She realized she wanted to help ponies who didn't have good homes. She didn't want anypony to go through what she did as a filly.<br /><br />Stoneheart now works for a filly/colt service agency. She helps foals find loving homes, and checks in to make sure they're not neglected.<br /><br />

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