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Vokun Rith

Vokun Rith

  • Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Species: Non-Pony

    Cutie Mark: Setting sun

    Personality: Lonely, shy, kind, playful, and loving

    Backstory: Vokun was a run of the mill earth pony. Her parents were in an accident during discourt's first rule. They had passed away. Vokun was very lonely. She did something no pony should ever do. She tried to make magic. She wanted a friend, she couldn't find one so she was going to make one. It backfired horribly. Her tail became a new being named Niko. Niko cannot speak, but Niko is Vokun's only friend. Since the accident, princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadence have been searching for her, to find out what happened in The accident and how she made magic. Last they hurd, she was heading to ponyville.

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