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Victoria Sponge
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Hello! Welcome to Battenberg’s Bakery!

Species: Unicorn Pony
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Residence: Manehattan
Hometown: Trottingham
Occupation: Baker



She was born and grew up in Trottingham with her younger sister Victoria Sponge, her mother Lemon Drizzle, her Aunt Raspberry Drizzle, her cousins Red, Heather and Caramel, her grandmother Cotton Bud and sometimes her father Felix Carter. Her father's constant travels affected the family dynamic, especially with Victoria who began to feel Battenberg was the favourite and excelled further than her in every field. This led to tension between the two sisters as they grew older. After Cotton passed away and Raspberry fled to Cloudsdale, Battenberg and her family moved to Felix's hometown of Manehattan, where he and Lemon had lived many years prior to the birth of their daughters. 

When she turned eighteen Battenberg began trying to make a living for herself and opened her first bakery in the city, Battenberg's Bakery. The bakery became very popular and various members of her family became involved, with her mother becoming the manager and her sister working alongside her in the kitchen. Her cousin Red Velvet occasionally produced grand multi-tiered cakes for the shop and Raspberry and her husband Citrus Orange provided the establishment with all kinds of wonderful jams to put in the cakes.  

Because of the success of the bakery Battenberg began looking to expand and toured Equestria with her father, giving out her cakes and recording the responses. She found the most responsive location was Fillydelphia and set about trying to open her second bakery. During her time here she met the energetic pegasus Cupcake Sprinkles and her mother Strawberry Sprinkles. The two became close friends, bonding over their baking abilities and after Sprinkles told Battenberg about her wish to become a professional baker she agreed to take her on as an apprentice in the new Fillydelphia bakery. After a year's training Sprinkles in the Manehatten store and with arrangements complete Battenberg's Bakery became Battenberg's Bakeries and her Fillydelphia division opened with Sprinkles running the shop floor and kitchen and Strawberry becoming a co-manager of the business alongside Lemon. Sprinkles worked very hard and ran the shop so well that she was quickly upgraded from apprentice to Vice President of the company. 

She has plans to open shops in Trottingham and Canterlot in the future.


She is a very shy, sensitive but kind pony, likes to help if she can but doesn't have a lot to say most of the time. She can be a bit quiet which may make her seem rude or awkward but she doesn't mean any harm. 

Despite her shy demenour she prides herself on her work and is very professional and polite when needs be. She is much more confident and talkative when the subject is baking or cakes. She is a very helpful and kind pony and tries her best to be likeable, she always puts the customer first. She is a little more shy around stallions however as she is looking for love but is unsure of how exactly to go about it.

She loves her family and was always very enouraging of Victoria, helping her to regain her love for baking.

Physical Description:

She is a small unicorn mare with a light blue coat and a shy personality, she likes to hide behind her long, curly pink and yellow locks which fall all about her head leaving only her horn and was exposed, and always keeps a long fringe over one of her turquoise-green eyes. Her tail like her mane is very long and curled.

She’s seldom seen without her yellow and white scarf, knitted for her by her mother when she was younger and can often be seen with a smile on her face.

Her cutiemark represents her baking abilities and her speciality, battenberg cake. She got it after baking a battenberg cake with her mother Lemon Drizzle which was exceptionally good.

Likes: Cake, cats, her family, hugs
Dislikes: Rudeness, loud noises, rule breakers
Key Moments:

Pony Tails.png

Magic Spells: Object Manipulation, Automated Task Completion
Friends: Cupcake Sprinkles, Strawberry Sprinkles, Sky Scraper, Royal Velvet
Rivals: Other Bakers
Reality (Generation): Generation 4

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