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Hazel O'hare

Crescent Moon
  • WIP: No

Species: Earth Pony
Age: 22
Gender: Mare
Residence: Ponyville
Hometown: Ponyville
Occupation: Animal Care Taker And Foalsitter



Hazel was born and raised in Ponyville, and while she does visit Canterlot and Manehatten from time to time, she preferred the peace and quiet of Ponyville (despite when there's something crazy going on, but the Mane Eight usually deal with it).

She discovered her love for taking care of animals at a very young age, when she found a injured bunny just outside the forest and took it home to nurse back to health.


She is usually very friendly and out going, she loves to have fun and can usually be seen dancing around whenever she is in a particular good mood. She is also very fiercely protective of her family and friends.

Likes: Dancing, Singing, Spending time with her friends, Sweets, Foalsitting, Taking Care of Animals
Dislikes: Not a whole lot
Magic Spells: N/A
Magic Spells: N/A
Friends: Fluttershy
Rivals: N/A
Reality (Generation): Generation 4
  • Brohoof 1

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