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Orchid Blossom

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“I grew this for you… it should bloom any day now! You should take it with you; OK?”

Species: Pegasus Pony
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Residence: Ponyville (Outskirts)
Hometown: Cloudsdale
Occupation: Botanist, Florist, And Is Rumored To Dabble In Druidry. (Hmmm)

Working on it. 😊 I’ll post to my Tumblr and share here soon. 

Working on it. 😊 I’ll post to my Tumblr and share here soon.  


Orchid Blossom (nickname: “Orca”) grew up primarily in Cloudsdale along with the other pegasus ponies. He was never as fast, or competitive as some of the other pegasus ponies, and would typically get left out of races and games. He still had lots of ponies he would call friends, and spend time with on occasion; though typically he would disappear into the Everfree Forest. He loved being with the various herbs and flowers that could be found there, and learning about them hands-on. He often got bored being in school or staring at text books, and would rather learn from experience from nature itself. There is rumored to be a band of druidic earth ponies in the Everfree forest; Orca would never confirm, nor deny that they did indeed exist. Some say this is how he became so talented with flowers and natural medicinals; a talent uncommon among the pegasus. 


Adorable, and he knows it! He’s not afraid to make new friends or be silly to make others smile. He can get hyper and silly when with a lot of ponies, especially if the others are shy. He hopes by being silly, he can help the other ponies relax and not worry about embarrassing themselves. When it comes to being serious, he struggles. If asked to give a presentation, or share his knowledge of herb-lore he will suddenly become very shy and unsure of himself. He loves to take care of plants, and help his friends care for theirs, or give advice if asked on the care of plants one-on-one. He is especially good at caring for orchids, which are said to be more complicated to care for. 

Physical Description:

Light green, almost mint body with a dark green and brown mane; orange and silver strands randomly show in places. . His eyes are dark brown. He has his cutie mark; two blossoms, one orange and one pink. They are surrounded by vines bursting with foliage. 

Likes: Orca loves tending to various plants such as flowers and herbs. Gifting flowers to his friends and even sharing medicines he has grown with the ponies in Ponyville and the surrounding areas. Having a hobbie so “down-to-earth” is very unique for a pegasus pony, who would typically be seen in Cloudsdale or up in the sky.
Dislikes: Performing in front of a crowd, dancing, fighting, and competing are some things that Orca does not enjoy at all, and would avoid whenever possible.
Reality (Generation): Generation 4

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