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Pollu Alligare/Lil

  • WIP: No

Species: Earth Pony
Age: 24
Gender: Female

half of a book and half of a pentagram in the center


Pollu was a beyond ordinary pony, obedient to her parents and elders and excelled at schooling. After school, she would go to the bookstore around the corner from her house, but that soon changed when she found a worn down book that was hidden behind books on spirits. She flipped through the book to find a spell that would be able to open her mind. She brought the book up to the counter and bought the book as she ignored the cashier’s expression of puzzlement and worry. She still took it home, and quickly headed down the stairs to the basement. Her parents wouldn’t be home for a few hours, so she could quickly do the spell and clean it up without her parent’s knowledge.

She quickly got the stuff that she needed and got to work with the circle and the lettering. Once she was down with the setup, she took a few deep breaths before starting it up. She watched in amazement as sparks flew out of the circle and went back in, then nothing else happened. She walked closer to the middle of the circle and got flung back from the explosion. She woke up groggy with a voice saying, “Hello, thanks for helping me out. I’ll help you from now on.”

She jumped and said as she looked around as she turned on the light, “Who’s there, show yourself.”

The voice said as it sighed with annoyance, “I’m inside of you.” She looked in the mirror to see herself with horns made of magic and black tears running down her face. 

She panicked and kept muttering to herself that this couldn’t be happening as she cleaned up her mess. All the while the voice in her head and screaming at her to listen. She couldn’t take it anymore and ran to the mirror and said, “Shut up, you are a figment of my imagination, you aren’t real.”

The line running down her face looked like they were morning due to her crying. The voice sighed and said, “I’m sorry in advance, but this is a healthy lifestyle for you.” Pollu wanted to say something, but she was unable to move her body at all. She wrote a letter to her parents and left.

After running for an hour or two, she stopped and fell over with exhaustion. She said once she was able to catch her breath, “Who or what are you?”

The voice quieted down and said quieter, “Sorry, I should introduce myself before taking over your body.. My name is Lil, and like I said earlier, I’ll protect you. Oh, also, you just got your cutie mark like an hour or two ago.” She gave a weak smile and looked at herself. It was half a book and half of the circle that she drew. She nodded to herself and headed to a new place to start her adventure


Scared, talks a bit about herself, bookworm, and has a lot of knowledge about random things.

Calm about everything, protective of her body and of Pollu, not afraid of getting her hooves dirty, if someone hurts her.

Physical Description:

long and messy dark purple mane and tail that ends in a curl
Light blue, almost crystal eyes
light grey fur

two black horn that are made of magic above her eyes
two black tear streak running down her face

Likes: Books and each other
Dislikes: Getting hurt
Magic Spells: Teleportation And Illusions
Friends: Each Other
Reality (Generation): Generation 4

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