Red Cedar
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Species: Earth Pony
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Residence: Vanhoover
Hometown: Vanhoover
Occupation: Forester



Red Cedar was born in Vanhoover and lived on the outskirts of the city with his father, mother and older sister. As a colt he would frequently explore the nearby woods with his friends, or on his own, sometimes spending entire days there during warm summer weather.

One autumn, after studying trees in school and on his own in the library, he walked through the forest and collected as many seeds, cones and acorns as he could find, planting them in pots in his home and tending them over the winter. The following spring, with saddlebags loaded with some 20 seedlings, he went back into the forest to plant them all, save for one oak tree he planted in the front yard of his house. It was when he returned from his day's walk and work that his mother noticed his cutie mark had appeared.

When he grew up, it was a natural fit that he would outdoors in the woods. He began working as a forester, removing trees that were used to build other ponies' houses and buildings and then personally making sure that three tree seedlings were planted to replace it.

During his vacations, he often travelled to other cities and towns around Equestria, usually spending more time outside the city than in it. After one such trip, he remarked that he might like to move to Ponyville permanently, enjoying its small-town atmosphere and surrounding wilderness area, but the number of dangerous creatures in the nearby Everfree Forest meant that it was not logged, so he was uncertain if he could get employment.

Red Cedar's father, Anchor Aweigh, is a sailor. His mother, Nightingale, is a nurse. His older sister, Powder Snow, is an outdoor guide and competitive skier. All three still live in Vanhoover.


Red Cedar is easy going and difficult to make truly angry. He doesn't take things too seriously, and prefers casual situations with his friends to formal occasions. He tends to be initially shy and quiet around ponies he doesn't know, but will soon become quite friendly and conversational after being introduced. He's also a bit of a romantic.

Physical Description:

Red Cedar's coat is a dark copper colour, and his eyes are a deep forest green. His mane and tail are both black with streaks of forest green through them. His mane hangs slightly long and is generally well kept, while his unruly tail looks like it doesn't get brushed much, and is short due to the split ends caused by frequent hikes through woodlands..
Red is slightly taller than average for a stallion, with an average build.


Likes: Trees, forests, the outdoors, camping, stargazing, tea, cider (he prefers pear over apple), hoofball, Hearth's Warming and his friends and family.
Dislikes: Excessive rain (especially if he's caught in it), forest fires, braggarts, larger cities and being too cold.
Reality (Generation): Generation 4
  • Brohoof 2

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