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"ehhhhhh, two times"

Species: Earth Pony
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Residence: City Of Kwinana
Hometown: Ponyville
Occupation: Mechanic




Wade hit the parapet and tumbled, unable to stop themselves, and with a panicked gasp as they disappeared off the edge.

The church tower stood high and proud, looking out over the City of Kwinana. The night breeze was brisk and carried snatches of laughter from the street below. It was a long way down. A pony in a tattered coat walked up tot he edge and peered over. He smirked.

"This is insulting." he said. "Don't they know how dangerous I am? I am very, very dangerous. I'm a killer. I'm a trained killing machine, and still, they send you. a child."

Wade felt their grip on the ledge loosen. She ignored the goading of the man standing above them, and looked around for something else to grab on to. They looked everywhere but down. Down was where the street was, where the long drop and the sudden stop was. She didn't was to look down. She didn't want anything to do with down right now.


a can-do attitude, reliable, honest, confidence, honour, the most selfless pony around.

Physical Description:

flesh coloured fur, black flowing mane, denim p-cap, and a reflective pink/black cutie mark.

Likes: Cars.
Dislikes: Lachlan (another pony from the city of Kwinana)
Key Moments:

Wade was thrown around in her seat. Keeping one hand tight on the wheel, she clutched at the seatbelt, yanking it across her. She glanced down, trying to find the slot that the seatbelt clicked into. The bottom of the hill met up with the road again and she tried to steer on to it, but the van just going, and plunged down the next hill.

Magic Spells: Mechanical Repairing (Can Repair Anything, As Long As Its Mechanical And Related To Cars)
Magic Spells: S.c.a.t (Speed Can Actually Triumph) (Wades Amazing Ability To Use Speed (Not The Drug()) To Go Very Fast And Triumph)
Friends: N/A
Rivals: Lachlan Rorschach ሮበርትስ
Reality (Generation): Generation 2
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