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    Discord is an eclectic mish-mash of a number of different creatures. He has a left right leg of a lizard, the left leg of a deer, the left arm of an eagle, the right arm of a lion, the left wing of a Pegasus, the right wing of a bat, a red dragon’s tail (complete with a tuft of white which can function as another hand), and a donkey’s mane leading up to his pony-like head, complete with a goat horn on the left and a deer’s antler on the right, as well as a single sharp fang and bushy white eyebrows with a matching goatee. His eyes are yellow with red irises which are usually of two different sizes.

    Male Dragon N/A

    Discord is the ultimate representation of disharmony. From his random magical manipulations to his absurdist sense of style, he radiates chaos from every pore of his being. As a massively powerful entity, he can change anything at a moment’s whim – which reflects in his mentality, as he can go through an assortment of emotions at the drop of a hoof. He actively seeks to cause mischief (though not always of a harmful variety, yet almost always at least disruptive to the current status quo), and he tends to see the world as his own personal playground.


    Behind the random masks, he is an individual who is extremely self-involved. He seems to have a world view that tends to go no farther than his own wishes and goals… but that view is beginning to change in light of Fluttershy’s friendship. He tends to come across as an entity that has recently reached the end of his adolescent period, and is beginning to actually pay attention to the fact that there are others living in the same space – and they deserve to be treated better than mere toys for his amusement.


    This being said, Discord is extremely intelligent and an exceptionally deep planner. There are times where the most random of acts (eating a paper salad, for instance) actually are complex, fully-formed schemes (such as the aforementioned salad being a collection of binding spells that could be used against him). There is no truly accurate way to gauge exactly how intelligent he is, but it is certain that he is among the wittiest creatures in all of Equestria.


    For all his strengths, he has weaknesses that become more evident as one gets familiar with him. His massive ego is number one on that list, as it tends to be either the reason for whatever actions he takes, or it is the catalyst for the direction his plans go in. He is also quite insecure, as there is no stability in his life at all – this evidences most often as anger or stubbornness, but it has come across as jealousy or attention-seeking actions. In fact, he is much more likely to cause issues if he is being ignored or shunned. It wouldn’t be a stretch of imagination to say that he is deathly afraid of simply being forgotten altogether - hence his constant need for attention.

    Likes: Order, perfect harmony, being ignored, authority (that isn’t his own), being a statue







    His beginnings are steeped in mystery. Nopony knows where he came from or what his true purpose is, yet somehow he managed to use his extremely potent powers to ultimately take full and utter control of all of Equestria. As the supreme and undisputed ruler, his random mischief and wild pranks turned the entire land into one enormous hodge-podge of chaos, causing a seemingly endless amount of misery to all the ponies who lived there.






    It wasn’t until the Alicorn Princesses, Celestia and her younger sister Luna, made their play to attempt to dethrone him that he had ever truly known any kind of resistance; and he relished the idea of watching these two try and fail to take him down. Though their first attempt was less than successful, they regrouped and made the discovery of the Tree of Harmony, where they gathered the Elements of Harmony from. Setting out to end Discord’s rule, they confronted him directly. Believing himself untouchable, Discord-






    No no no no NO! Wrong, wrong, wrong!






    excuse me?






    You did hear me, correct? I was merely stating that you have no idea what my true thoughts were, mortal; you’re hardly equipped to be able to understand exactly how far ahead I am able to plan. I was just trying to inform you of such a faux-pas in your little narrative.






    Well, uhm… okay, well - Discord thought himself to be invinci-






    HA! No such thing!






    Look, please… I’m really trying to-






    I knew the Elements of Harmony would hold the power to imprison me; I let them do it.






    You… what?






    I allowed Celestia and Luna to place me into that statue form… they would have had no chance in Tartarus, otherwise.












    Of course – I was bored, and a vacation sounded like a wonderful idea! After all, do you REALLY think I would have remained in their garden as long as I did simply because some… shiny baubles… held the power to entrap me against my wishes?






    Well, it sure looked convincing enough.






    Of course it did! Do you think those two featherweights would have let me rest if I had shown I possessed any sort of method to release myself? No, they were completely fooled by my master plan!






    Look, this is all good and well, but I’m really trying to finish this profile – I would appreciate it if you’d let me do that… please?






    … well, since you’re being nice about it, I suppose I could bear for you to ramble on a bit longer.






    Thank you.






    Anyway, utilizing the Elements of Harmony, the two princesses imprisoned Discord in stone, effectively turning him into a statue-






    A handsome statue, I might add.












    Yes, yes… do go on.






    … and the statue was placed in the Canterlot Palace Gardens, so an eye could be kept on him.






    So imprisoned, hundreds of years passed as Discord sat in the Palace Gardens. Eventually, his legend was dulled or outright forgotten by many, save for the Princesses themselves and the stained-glass mosaic that depicted his downfall within Canterlot Castle.






    Then one day during a school field trip to the gardens, an argument broke out between Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo over the statue of Discord – and their own disharmony, coupled with the fact of the recently transferred Elements from the Princesses to the current bearers, caused a crack in the statue. Discord was now free – and he was determined to take back Equestria and return it to a state of utter disharmony once again.






    He immediately began causing random acts of chaos – from floating houses to chocolate rain, and much more. From this, Celestia recognized the danger and charged the new bearers of the Elements to return him to stone. Unfortunately, the Elements (in their necklace/crown forms) had been pilfered by Discord himself. Upon his appearance and with a few taunts, he challenged the ‘Mane 6’ to a little game: To keep Discord from ruling all of Equestria again, they had to find the hidden Elements of Harmony, which he stated were within a hedge-maze labyri-






    No, I didn’t.






    What? You did! You said-






    I said nothing of the sort, human… I may have insinuated such, but if they took that as the absolute truth, well… that was their fault.






    *sigh* … which he insinuated were within a hedge-maze labyrinth he had created in the Palace Gardens.






    MUCH better.






    As they searched the maze, Discord approached each one in turn and, using their fears and faults against them, enchanted each one (except for Twilight Sparkle) with a spell that began effectively reversing their particular Element’s trait: Applejack became a habitual liar, Rarity became greedy, Fluttershy became mean-spirited and cruel, Pinkie Pie became cold and suspicious, and Rainbow Dash was convinced to leave the maze and take off to Cloudsdale – the latter being the move that, according to the rules set forth by Discord at the beginning of the maze, meant that he had bested them, and was therefore free to rule in chaos again.






    Though Twilight tried to use the Elements to entrap him again, the sour and dour attitudes of the other bearers (not to mention the missing one) made it impossible to recreate the spell. As Discord began to reshape Ponyville into ‘The Chaos Capital of Equestria’, Twilight seemingly gave up and made to leave for good. Unfortunately for Discord, Twilight didn’t give up – she managed to disenchant her friends and rally them against him.






    Yes, yes… sparkle-eyed Sparkle got all her little pony friends back to their former selves, hooray for Twilight.






    Is that a pout I see?






    Oh, not at all – she should really thank me for all of that, you know – it helped her bring them together as a much more effective group, after all. They were rather undisciplined before; after me? Stronger than ever.






    I wonder if Princess Twilight would agree with you.






    Doesn’t matter – I know what I did.






    But this is to show that I kno-






    Yes, yes, yes… to show that you are well-versed in all things Discord. Carry on, then.






    Right. Anyway…






    Once more, the Elements of Harmony were used to lock Discord into a statue form, where he was handed over to Celestia and returned to being under the Princesses watch.






    Ho hum. Get to the good part!






    … in time, Twilight and the other Bearers were approached by Celestia again regarding Discord. She stated that it would be their task to try to reform him for the good of all Equestria-












    … and that Fluttershy would be key in this endeavor.






    Ah, yes… dear, sweet Fluttershy. Such a friend to all, so kind and caring to every-












    … well, no need to get all upset about it. Very well, very well…












    … anyway, Twilight and the others released him from his statue prison once more, and made it quite clear to him that any hijinks on his part would result in a return to his stony cell, permanently. Upon consideration (and with a few pranks already in place), Discord decided to play along. Fluttershy agreed to take him in, allowing him a real chance to change his ways while he stayed at her home.






    Upon his arrival at Fluttershy’s cottage, he made himself comfortable at his host’s request – which included levitating and slowly spinning her house, griefing Angel the bunny, and generally being a big pain in the-






    Careful, mortal…






    … uhm, right. A-a-anyway, he put on a façade of reformation as he continued to cause trouble on the sly. Fluttershy, eager to show how far the ‘former’ villain had matured, invited the other Bearers to a tea party, where Discord played minor pranks on them… but when put on the spot about his chaotic jokes, Fluttershy defended him and shamed them all for seemingly not even giving him a chance.






    During this party, Angel informed them that Sweet Apple Acres had been flooded. Putting the party off, they rushed to the scene, and saw that beavers (who had been enchanted by Discord earlier, during his release) had dammed it in, and there was seemingly no way to fix it.






    Upon being told to fix the problem, he agreed to do so-












    … IF Fluttershy promised NEVER to use her Element of Kindness against him again.






    I do believe that was an inspired piece of brilliance, if I do say so myself.






    Do YOU want to tell this story?






    is that an offer?????















    ANYWAY, she agreed to the deal, and Discord ended the flood… by freezing the water and burying Sweet Apple Acres underneath a thick layer of ice. Believing himself to be free of reproach, he then offered Fluttershy the chance to ice skate with him – which she refused, as she had felt he had gone back on his word, and renounced their friendship.






    Discord tried to play off the fact that he was going to lose his only real friend, but in the end he changed things back to normal rather than lose Fluttershy’s friendship.






    Well played, Fluttershy… well played.






    Yes, we ALL know the quote.






    … how rude…






    Anyhow, with this act, Celestia was shown that Discord could indeed act on behalf of Harmony, and he was allowed to remain free.






    Allowed? Do you TRULY believe that I could-






    Be trapped in stone again? Eeyup.






    Do you honestly mean to tell me that I, THE LORD OF CHAOS, would be as easy to-


















    Me? Well, see - I'M the guy they're giving a chance to actually PUT you in the spotlight. It might be only a test run, but the point of it is that they're finally going to allow you to show your marvelous face in the EqE...






    ... yes, well-






    ... and here I am, trying to deal with YOUR shenanigans while I'm attempting to put together at least a halfway accurate storyline for them to see I know what I'm doing here. I go all this way, even writing all this up months ago, to do this for you...






    ... oh, dear...






    ... and you've gone and stomped all over MY narrative! I mean, LOOK up there! See all that red text among the rest of it? It's like frickin' GRAFFITI all over my application! And this is how you thank me for wanting to get you involved in the EqE?






    ... now, let's not be hasty, my fine friend - there's hope for this yet!






    IS there?






    But of course! I'll be MORE than happy to retype EVERYTHING in this little essay... thing... with words... you have here.






    It's. An. App. Li. CAY. Tion.






    ... right, that thing; I'll simply snap my fingers and-












    No, truly! You've worked SO hard at this... the very LEAST I can do is make sure it looks good, hmmmm?






    Well... I am kinda tired... you'll take out all your bits before you send it?






    Of course, you go right ahead and catch the ol' Slumber Train to Snoozeville...

    I'll make sure it's COMPLETELY clear to them

    whom is ready for their

    Big Shot...






    Yeah... okay, fine... but don't mess this up for us!






    ... trust me.

    Discord is actually a DRACONEQUUS; 'Dragon' was the closest equivalent among the choice for species.

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This was definitely a fun read. Just a few things to add and fix and it can be added to the cast characters.


There were a couple places where there was a lack of space between words. Mostly where an italic word and normal formatted word met.


And lastly it needs be to updated to current status of the show. Especially with the latest season finale being a big moment for Discord.


Otherwise, great and entertaining read!

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Okay, I think I caught all of the instances of word-mashing and fixed 'em.


Updating the profile..?  Well, I sorta left it open-ended on PURPOSE.   As you see above, just writing out the initial introduction took a LOT of work - especially with shenanigans going on - and left it open-ended so that anything further could be alluded to in-play.


If I was to bring the above application 'up to speed'?  It would be a MILE of text.


Mind you, I am NOT arguing with you; if you feel it TRULY needs to be done, *gulp* I'll do it... but I would like to make this single attempt to ask for mercy on my poor fingers.

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