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Princess Twilight Sparkle

Derplight Sperkle
  • , No, Tier-1 Young Mare

    A purple mare with a dark purple mane and tail. There are streaks of magenta and violet in the tail and mane as well. An Alicorn who is short compared to the the other princesses but in comparison to other ponies, she is the average height and weight.

    female Alicorn One large purple star surrounded by six smaller white stars https://buffy.mlpforums.com/4eef7161c6ec61e7336a7c5f41bde86d.jpg

    Twilight Sparkle is a natural leader, though she will never admit it. Twilight is also a great organizer that will make sure that everything goes to plan, including triple checking check lists. As a student of Princess Celestia, Twilight has grown from an introvert who spends all of her time reading books to a very sociable pony who spends much of the time with her friends. She adores each and every one of her friends and helps them out however she can. Twilight has also shown to be a great teacher teaching the Cutie Mark Crusaders on her free time and also even her friends. Twilight is also very intelligent, she has read hundreds if not thousands of books throughout her life. Though she relies heavily on her book knowledge, that knowledge has come in handy with the challenges she has faced. Twilight has shown to be very determined to solve any problem she has faced, from Nightmare Moon to Tirek, nothing has stopped her from finding a solution. If there isn't a book on it, Twilight will search for the information elsewhere.

    Now nopony is without faults. Twilight excels in school work and this high expectation has led to a fear of failure. Twilight has been known to have mental breakdowns when deadlines approach or when events don't go as planned last minute. With Princess Celestia being her mentor, Twilight's fear of failure has increased exponentially as she sees every assignment from the princess as of the utmost priority. Twilight will also overreact when things don't go to plan or when stressed out. Most see Twilight's problems as trivial but Twilight will still react the same. Twilight has shown that she cares for her friends and will keep from upsetting them. Since Twilight was a loner as a child, her friends now are very special to her and she will avoid hurting them at any cost. This has led to awkward situations where Twilight has been torn between deciding to tell the truth and possibly hurting her friends or keeping quiet. Though Twilight is not perfect, she pulls through by keeping her head up high and if she can't figure it out, she will find the information somewhere else.

    Likes: Being tardy, failure, upsetting others, lack of organization, stress, troublemakers

    Twilight Sparkle had a very interesting childhood. As a foal, she would run and play with her big brother Shining Armour and spend time with her foalsitter, Cadence. When it was time for her to go to school, her parents decided to enroll her in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Twilight was ecstatic since she was hoping to get into the school and she practised long and hard for this opportunity. The test to get in was very challenging, she had to make a dragon egg hatch with her magic alone. At first, Twilight couldn't get the egg to hatch but then a mysterious rainbow explosion hit the room and enhanced her powers. Twilight cast a spell that not only hatched the egg but made the dragon grow to full size in seconds! Seeing the potential in Twilight, Princess Celestia herself made Twilight Sparkle her star pupil at the school. On that day, Twilight got her cutie mark and began her most intense years of her life.


    Twilight Sparkle spent most of her days as the protege of Celestia studying. There wasn't a day that Twilight didn't have her head in a book, reading about magic or any other academic subject. As years past, Celestia noticed Twilight wasn't very sociable. The day before the Summer Sun Celebration that marked the one thousandth anniversary of Celestia's defeat of Nightmare Moon, Celestia sent Twilight to the town that was hosting this year's celebration. Twilight however noticed something was wrong. She read that Nightmare Moon would return after one thousand years of banishment and that night was the next day. When Celestia sent Twilight on an assignment to make friends and to oversee the organizing of the event, Twilight mostly concentrated on the organization of the event. She didn't have time to make friends since Nightmare Moon was going to return. But soon enough, Twilight met someponies that soon will hold a special place in her heart. In Ponyville, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy met and showed how each part of their decorations was going. Twilight brushed them off at first, was even annoyed by some, but continued with her studies on Nightmare Moon, despite Pinkie's surprise party. As the celebration the next day was about the reach its climax with the reveal of Princess Celetia, instead Nightmare Moon appeared. Only Twilight knew of her coming and was the only one that knew how to stop her. Twilight rushed to the library and researched the Elements of Harmony. Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy realized that Twilight knew what was going on and decided to follow her. Twilight was ready to leave on a trek to the Castle of the Two Sisters by herself but the others refused to let her go alone, so they came along with her. While on the journey, Twilight began to notice how each of these ponies were kind, honest, fun, generous, and loyal to her and each other. When they confronted Nightmare Moon at the castle, Twilight realized that they were her friends and they each represented an Element of Harmony. The final element that represented by her, the Element of Magic. Using the Elements of Harmony, Twilight and her friends defeated Nightmare Moon and returned her to Princess Luna.


    Time passes, and with each week came a new lesson of friendship for Twilight. Each week brought in a new friend, or enemy, for Twilight and her friends to learn from. Through this time period, Twilight met Trixie, Gilda, Zecora, and other ponies. She even dealt with parasprites, dragons, hydras, and even an Ursa Minor! With the help of her friends, Twilight overcame each obstacle but the toughest was yet to come. The draconequus and spirit of chaos, Discord, was set free. Celestia tasked Twilight and her friends to defeat Discord so order can return to Equestria. Discord casted a spell on each of her friends so each of them acted opposite of their elements. Twilight didn't notice the changes in her friends at first but as it came time to confront Discord with the Elements of Harmony, the plan failed. Distraught, Twilight herself became depressed and sulked in her library. Princess Celestia however had a plan for her. She sent back all the letters that Twilight sent to Celestia, and with these letters, Twilight became herself again. Tracking down each and every one of her friends, Twilight reversed the effects of Discord's magic and with her friends at her side, Twilight defeated Discord by turning him back to stone.


    Twilight Sparkle and her friends continue to learn about friendship as time goes on once more. Then one day, Twilight learns of marriage in Canterlot. It was the marriage of her brother, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadence. Twilight hasn't heard much from her brother in a long time so this came as a surprise to Twilight. Twilight and her friends were cordially invited to the wedding, which they were glad to go and help. Twilight discovers in Canterlot that they were under threat from the changlings and Shining Armor was the main protector of Canterlot with his magical shield. She also discover that Princess Cadence was her former foalsitter, and upon meeting her again, noticed something about her was very strange. Cadence showed no glee in the wedding preparations and also seemed to be casting spells on Shining when in secret. Twilight confronted Cadence at the practice ceremony but nopony believed her. As everypony abandoned her, Cadence returned and sent her underground with the real Cadence, which had been sent down before and has been there since. The real Cadence has been wallowing in despair that she will not be marrying Shining and together, Twilight and Cadence began to navigate through the caverns. As the wedding ceremony was about to reach its climax, Twilight and Cadence interrupted the wedding and the fake Cadence revealed herself as Queen Chrysalis, the changling queen. Twilight and her friends tried to fight their way through the changling army that has gone through Shining's failing shield but fail to reach the Elements of Harmony. As Chrysalis was basking in her victory, Cadence and Shining Armor use the magic of their love that defeats the changlings and sends them away. The wedding is then redone and the couple go to the mysterious Crystal Empire where they have ruled since the defeat of Sombra thanks to the help from Twilight, Spike, and her friends.


    After helping Cadence and Shining Armor defeat Sombra, Twilight and her friends continue their lives in Ponyville, continuing to learn about the magic of friendship. It all came to a climax when Celestia sends a unfinished spell from Starswirled the Bearded. Twilight reads off the spell and inadvertently changes the destinies of all her friends. Their cutie marks switched and now performing jobs they were not meant to do, Ponyville is left in shambles. With the weather being unpredictable, Apple Acres failing, the animals hungry, the townspeople angry, and Rarity's boutique suffering under each of her friends' wrong destinies, Twilight had to act fast. She learned a spell that gave each of her friends their memories back and together, fixed up the problems that arose. Twilight then discovers how to finish Starswirled's spell and upon casting it, she was teleported to a dreamland. Celestia meets her there and tells her that her student has met her expectations. Twilight is then sent back to Ponyville, but as a very different pony. Twilight has become an Alicorn princess! There is a grand coronation in Canterlot for Equestria's newest princess and Twilight now has to learn about her new abilities and how to be the best princess she can be.


    Some time passes and Twilight begins to learn of her new abilities, especially flying. While she s till learning, and an ancient evil arises from the Everfree Forest. Mysterious vines erupt from the forest and capture both Celestia and Luna leaving Twilight in charge. As the vines begin to slowly spread, Twilight uses a potion from Zecora to learn about what transpired in the past. She saw the transformation of Nightmare Moon and the defeat of Discord. Twilight decides in order to save Equestria they must go to the Two Sisters' Castle deep in the Everfree. Her friends however want Twilight to stay because if she goes missing, the land may fall into chaos without leadership. While her friends go off into the forest, Twilight realizes that they should all stick together and flies off after them. Twilight's friends soon realize the error of their plan to leave Twilight behind and soon Twilight meets up with them at the castle. There they find the Tree of Harmony and in order to save Equestria, the group gave the Elements of Harmony to the tree. The tree then reveals a mysterious box with six locks after eradicating the vines. Discord arrives shortly after to reveal why he vines were attacking. He planted them a millennia ago and they worked now because the Tree of Harmony was beginning to lose power without the elements. Now the only mystery left is the box.


    As time goes by, Twilight begins to feel more comfortable as a public figure. She learns how to fly and begins to deal with the attention that being a public figure brings to the table. While this is going on, Twilight's friends are being tested on their elements and have been unknowingly receiving their individual keys for the mysterious box. Their biggest threat however has yet to come. Twilight soon begins to feel a lack of purpose to her role as princess. All she seemed to do is smile and wave, nothing special. She shares her feeling with the other princesses but their only advice is to wait and soon her purpose will be revealed. Afterwards, Celestia has a vision of a large threat that has returned to Equestria. That threat is the magic absorbing centaur known as Tirek. Intially, Celestia sends in Discord to deal with Tirek, but Discord soon sides with Tirek and they start to absorb all the magic from unicorns, flight from pegasi, and the strength from Earth ponies. Celestia and the other princesses fear how powerful Tirek can be if he takes the power from the Alicorn princesses and decide to give all their magic to Twilight since she is a new princess and Tirek will not know of her. Twilight successfully absorbs all their power and retreats to Ponyville to hide from Tirek. Tirek soon discover the princesses' ploy and heads off to deal with Twilight. Meanwhile, Twilight is trying to control all of this magical power within her. She raises the sun, however it took a bit to make it right. After a while Tirek arrives while Twilight is trying to practice and demands she give her power to him. A battle ensues between the two and in the battle, Twilight's home is obliterated by one of Tirek's blasts. Sensing an impasse, Tirek offers Twilight a choice, give him her magic or save her friends. Twilight decides to sacrafice her magic for all of her friends, including Discord, who was betrayed by Tirek earlier. Discord realizes the error of his ways and gives Twilight a medallion that Tirek gave him to represent his loyalty. This medallion serves to be the final key to the box and the six ponies open the box. The box gives them all the Rainbow Power and they defeat Tirek and restore everypony's magic, flight, and strength. The box also creates a magical castle in Ponyville for Twilight to reside as the new Princess of Friendship where she and her friends will rule together.

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