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Mentis Soliloquy

Mentis Soliloquy
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    Mentis is a decently-sized stallion, though a tad tall for his weight - which makes him seem lankier than he actually is. He has a rough, tan-colored coat that tends to be a bit dusty from the trails he takes during his travels, with darker brown socks on each leg. His mane and tail are a smoky black with crimson streaks; while his tail is quite long, his mane is short and unkempt. He has a five-o'-clock shadow of stubble that covers his cheeks and chin.

    Mentis typically wears his slouch hat, a long-time companion of his, and his worn yet trusty satchel. Occasionally, keen-eyed ponies might catch him listening to his headphones, but he tends to keep them put away while he has company. Otherwise, he simply appears to be a travelling stallion of some experience.

    Male Pegasus In the foreground is a open book his job as a scribe and recorder, behind is a crescent moon for his love of night and behind that are musical notes for his hobby of singing and playing and listening to music. https://buffy.mlpforums.com/22ce74d59df3db4477ce115dd951609f.png

    Mentis is a head-strong 'idea stallion'; he is always attempting to think or improve on something... anything, honestly! He must always keep his mind busy on anything or he goes a little mad. Mentis comes up with quite a good number of ideas, but is poor in conveying them to others. His social skills are lacking to a degree which can lead to a lot of good things, but it can also be quite bad for him. Mentis is like his name sake and Soliloquizes in situations a lot of the time, but tries to keep it under control and can... some of the time.

    Mentis is loyal to his friends and family. He is a keen debater and loves to talk about any subject; he tries to keep abreast of current situations throughout the land - his job helps with that. Mentis has issues with certain ponies, disliking those who are not open to thinking, or are close-minded in their opinions. His outlook on life is that he is a realist, but any pony he has not met is a potential friend, given the right set of circumstances.

    Mentis tries to participate in things with others, yet has trouble finding the nerve to ask if he is allowed. He has some musical talent, being able to sing and play the violin and other stringed instruments - this is a hobby though, and does not happen as often as he might like. He loves to sleep and laze in clouds, reading a book or three on all sorts of subjects - specifically law and politics, as he's rather fond of talking about those subjects.

    Likes: Being tickled, fighting, arguing, other's laziness, suborn personalities. criminals

    Mentis was born In Cloudsdale to his mother Scribe Ledger and his father who passed away when Mentis was very young. He bequeathed to him his slouch hat, which he wears wherever he goes with the intention of passing it on to his own foals. Despite being a only foal and his mother working a lot of the time, Mentis and his mother had a close bond and have never really grown apart. Mentis filled the void in his mothers life and vice-versa, with both of them becoming even closer after Mentis's father passed away. When Mentis was a little older, he and his mother moved to Canterlot and the pair spent much of their time In and around the castle, especially as Scribe's job as a royal scrivener kept her in the castle most days. Mentis was raised by her and various foalsitters until he grew into a colt.

    When Mentis grew up a little, he developed his namesake trait of speaking his thoughts out loud and is still doing that even today. He became his mother's 'official' helper, which allowed her to spend more time with him. Mentis loved every day he got to spend in the castle, and doubly so when he was in his mother's presence. Shortly, became adept in many things required for a position as a court scribe like this mother. The mannerisms of the court, such as how to read what someone really meant when they spoke, and a taste in playing music and singing which he still enjoys as a hobby in his spare time, were easily picked up. Mentis gained his cutie mark on a fair evening when Celestia was hosting a meet for the leaders of the Thestral's; his mother took ill and Mentis, still only a young colt, took up the mantle despite never meting her and recorded a successful talk - at the conclusion of which, his cutie mark appeared. A crescent moon (the very moon out that night), musical notes in the background representing his passion for sound, and finally a book, which was his job, tool, life... now to be a scribe; to travel the country, in order to record and seek knowledge. He went home to show his mother - they had cake for a week afterwards.

    Mentis homed his skills as he grew into adulthood, becoming both proficient in writing and scribe's work, as well as his hobby of music. Mentis now travels the country when it is required; he loves to learn and his job affords him the best chance to seek that knowledge. He can and will follow any member of the royal family on official events, recording things as they take place and words that are said. Mentis can work at such speeds, he can write everything he sees and hears - making a perfect written description of the events as well. His job allows him a lot of free reign, and he travels the land to attend all sorts of events, recording them to be added to the royal library for posterity, his work to be remembered for all time.

    When he's not exploring the lands of Equestria, he resides at his home in Canterlot with his mother who still continues as a royal scribe herself, but she no longer travels... the pair of them get on like two bugs in a bed when he is home, with the closest of bonds between them.

    Mentis always has his hat and satchel with him, in that are many drawing and writing supplies. (go here to see them)

    Never knew his father or his name, his mother dose not talk about him either.

    Art by:
    @Crystal Vision

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Well, you and I have already gone over much of this, so I shall ask another RP Staffer to take a look-see to make sure before I send him on his way to approval.


Hello, fellow staffers!  Anything I missed, or am I good?

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Mentis looks great to me as well, though I do notice a couple of little things to be fixed. First, Mentis' fondness for Luna should not be included in the explanation for his cutie mark, as liking her is not really instrumental to who he is. Second, I'd like to see his appearance section expanded upon a bit. I know it seems redundant since you have an image of him as well, but just an extra sentence or two would suffice, at least to describe his mane and tail. The portion in that section in parentheses is also not really necessary, since you cover that in the "other" section, so that can be removed.


These should be very quick and easy to fix, and once they're fixed I would be happy to give Mentis my approval :)

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