-Gentle Touch (Ponysona)

  • Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: Average height with a white coat and auburn short suave styled mane and tail. Eye color is hazel blue/green.<br /><br />Enjoys wearing a mix of various accessories. A purple beanie cap, a cyan keffiyah or his favorite sling pack. Sometimes all at once.

    Cutie Mark: A blue colored aloe plant with gentle white mist lines above it.<br /><br />Represents his talent for the physical care of his patients.

    Personality: Is a mixed assort. Tends to be quirky and playful when around familiar ponies. But has a mature and has a generous and understanding demeanor. Sometimes during conversations he may seem to be pushy in sharing or confirming information about interested subjects.<br /><br />However when during stressful situations he tends to be reserved and unknowing how to abid to a solution.

    Backstory: Born of a unicorn couple GT has had an average simple life growing up in Ponyville.<br /><br />For a majority of his older colthood and now coming to age he's simply lived a simplistic. He awakens and goes to work, chat with acquaintances and does the occasional bicker about how his family acts dysfunctional.<br /><br />Whilst interested in learning therapeutic arts he works part time at the Spa and at a local grocer. Managing about the hectic schedules he hopes to be qualified to work at the Spa rather then pouring tons of bits into education funding.

User Feedback

Urge....to ship with my oc...rising...but...he already....has...a boyfriend....

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On 03/10/2015 at 1:44 PM, AirstormMLP said:

"Is romantically interested only in Stallions." What?...

He's gay, honey. <3

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