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-Imaia Steelwings (Hl:e)

  • Age: Late 20's

    Gender: Female

    Species: Earth Pony

    Appearance: A light tan coat with a brown straight mane and tail.<br /><br />Wears a traditional Arabian keffiyah hood.<br /><br />Combat gear consists her brothers former protective vest.

    Cutie Mark: A gray toned shield with a crossing of an ink quill and sheppards cane.<br /><br />A multi figurative cutie mark.<br /><br />The quill represents her interests into literature.<br /><br />The sheppard crane expresses belief in honor, labor and integrity.<br /><br />The shield displaying her demeanor in honorable morality.

    Personality: Imaia was never prone to fits of emotional distraught before the domination of the changeling race.<br /><br />Now more so her demeanor continues to dwindle but she remains hopeful within.<br /><br />Her new mentality remains monotone and almost.cold. But behind her bitterness is a witty and understanding heart who wants to assist as much as she can.

    Backstory: Saddle Arabia had fallen. Along with it was her family and mainly her beloved brother Ahaban.<br /><br />Grief turned to sorrow. But her sorrow came to be exchanged for rage. She was no longer the poet writing filly. She hardened into the mare the changelings forced indirectly.<br /><br />Until these opportunities were given to her she worked as a propaganda articlist for the Ponyville Newspaper.<br /><br />It was time for vengeance.<br /><br />Steelwings always bite back. Even from the dead.

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