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Jackal (Jack)

Commander Tangent
  • Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: A slim unicorn of average height. His fur is a bright white that covers his body. Dark blue tattoos run the length of his face down his abdomen, swirling and creating markings. His hooves are also a dark blue. The eyes are a stormy grey color. His mane is a near random mix of blue and white, looking like paint splatters on a background.

    Cutie Mark: His tattoos form form a skull on his flank, symbolizing is knowledge of the body and his anatomical studies.

    Personality: A shy and strange pony, Jackal has always felt isolated from others. With no family of his own, he is rather socially withdrawn and can find it hard to trust others. He is extremely smart and finds himself wanting to help others in need bu never knowing how. When he speaks, it is slow and careful. He has very little temper, but if frightened he may cower.

    Backstory: The worlds first magically created pony, Jackal has no family to speak of. Other than his creation, he is no different from any other average unicorn. His creation means he has no true family and grew up in an institute being studied and groomed. Most of his early years were spent here until the study concluded and he was released into the world at 16. He has traveled the Canterlot region finding work and making a living, but never belonging. Most work he takes is medical in nature and he seeks to be a healer in his future. There is a long uncertain road ahead of him.

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