Katarina Aghaveagh

Mentis Soliloquy

  • Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Species: Non-Pony

    Appearance: <p> Katarina's coat colour is dark brown, she's stripped along most of her body (this includes her tail). </p> <p> Her stomach and chest are a light cream, her tail tip is also the same colour. </p> <p> Her extremities (hands and paws) her fur tints towards black/dark grey, her pads and hands are grey and black respectively. </p> <p> Her eyes are emerald green. </p> <p> She generally wears: </p> <p> - Jeans </p> <p> - T-shirts </p> <p> - Her favorite Assasins Creed jacket </p> <p> - Tank tops </p> <p> - Skirts </p> <p> - PJ's </p> <p> - Anything snuggly  </p> <p> - Underwear, or even as god made her </p>

    Cutie Mark: <p> N/A </p>

    Personality: <p> Katarina is a more straight forward kind of girl, she likes the simple pleasures in life like sun bathing, watching TV, or cooking. </p> <p> Kat hides a deadly secret that no one, not even her family knows about it. </p> <p> Kat likes her life to be as simple and straight forward as she can make it. She could be called lazy by those who think poorly of people who like doing what is needed rather than going beyond at times. When she's not building homes (she's a carpenter) she likes relaxing and just putting her free time into things that are fun or worthy of her time, this includes her hobbies. </p> <p> She may have a habit of overreacting when agrvited past what a normal person would do. Kat however most of the time is as soft as her fur, she likes petting, snuggles and hugs, anything that is nice honestly. </p> <p> Likes: Hugs, working, cooking, reading, watching TV, playing video games, being lazy, socialising, sleeping, singing (though she can't hold a tune), tickling. </p> <p> Dislikes: Hard work, fighting, arguing, being critiqued, being over tickled. </p>

    Backstory: <p> (Cities and places are split between Equestria/Earth depending on the role-playing setting) </p> <p> Katarina had a rather normal life in (Canferlot/Cherbourg this allowed her to both be fluent in both English and French growing up). Life never really was hard, nor did she ever have any difficult life choices growing up. </p> <p> Once she came of age she wanted to go to trade school and learn carpentry, even at a young age she always loved and appreciated timber and loved to build things from it. So when she grew up that's what she decided to do for a living under the mantra; <em>"Why do something you love for free, when you can get others to pay for it."</em> And <em>"You'll never work a day in your life doing something you love." </em>She became a certified carpenter at 19 and went on to join a building firm and builds houses for a living, in her more free time she builds furniture and sells them online to those who like to buy custom built wooden items. </p> <p> She found herself caught in a secret war when she was 22 and had to choose a side, she tells no one of the secret work she dose for one of the factions who are trying to take power over the entire world... (you'll find out more, if the RP allows it). </p> <p> Katarina lives a normal life building homes and likes to have fun when she can, trying to stay out of the secret world she fell into... </p> <p>    </p>

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