Mickey Adaptus

  • Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: <p> Onyx is a dark red Unicorn, with an aquamarine marine and black lined mane. </p> <p> He has crystal blue eyes and a long tail. </p> <p> What makes his appearance a bit more unique than other ponies is his gradient legs, where his coat is dark red, his legs have an even darker red tone to it, only those who look closely can see it, while from a mere look it would be presumed to be the after colour of a shadow in daylight. </p> <p>   </p>

    Cutie Mark: <p> Onyx doesn't have a cutie mark, he has never been fond of them, not understanding nor caring what it means, for he thinks his natural talent is not dictated by a mark on his flank. </p> <p> Tough beyond his own beliefs, the truth is that while he is good at what he does, it is not his real talent, which leads to mystery and speculating on what really is the case. </p> <p>   </p>

    Personality: <p> Onyx has a smug and carefree personality, he sees life as something simple, his feelings towards others is variates, on those who grow closer to him, he starts to show signs of respect and trust, but to anypony else, he sees them as mere bystanders, just yet another pony who could potentially hinder or aid his cause. </p> <p> His personality does truly fit his status, as his thieving days are not ever yet, not even imprisonment would stop him from carrying out his own desires. </p>

    Backstory: <p> ButOnyx has been raised in Ponyville by 2 earth ponies, he was originally an orphan, as they had found him left that their doorstep, without any rime or reason, for nopony knew who his parents where. All seemed well for the first 8 years that he lived with them, however, it eventually turned out he was too much of a troublemaker to his foster parents, and so they send him to the Ponyville orphanage. </p> <p> But here it didn't end well either, other ponies in the orphanage disliked him for his attitude, and neither did the caretakers, as he kept running away, and leaving at night, busy doing his usual shenanigans. </p> <p> At the age of 11, he ran away from the orphanage, this time for good. On his own, he travelled to cities like Baltimare and Manehatten, where he started off on the streets, which at first didn't start out well until he was taken in by a group of professional thieves, who were exponentially skilled in pickpocketing and <span><span><span>bur</span><span>gla</span><span>ry.</span></span></span> </p> <p> After a few years, at the age of 14, he had started to become skilled as well, and as time passed on, he did not hesitate to take it further and further, first, his thieving operations started out in cities like Baltimare, Manehatten, Las Pegasus.  But it was at some point, he knew he had to improve, in the art of thieving he was good, but there was one thing he did not know well yet, Magic. </p> <p> And he was aware nopony would want him as a student, not only because of his attitude, but it would also raise suspicions, for he already had made a bit of a name for himself in Manehatten. </p> <p> He went on with this thieving spree, this time in Canterlot, robbing the nobles of their fortunes because, in his eyes, the Equestrian Society was unfair and unjust, why would the element bearers get all this leniency compared to everypony else? They were getting pardoned for crimes that could get anypony else imprisoned for a good 10 years at the very most. His view on Nobility on Canterlot also was something he found it full of lunacy, and rather enjoyed robbing those snotty ponies, for that gave him a better income then any apple farmer could hope to achieve. </p> <p> It was then that he remembered something, a place where he could learn the arts of magic in the most advanced ways, the <span style="color:#3a3a3a;">School for Gifted Unicorns.</span> </p> <p> <font color="#3a3a3a">He was well aware they would never accept someone like him, but that is where his trademark talent came in, manipulation, trickery, lies, he faked his way through the queue of all those other ponies who where hoping to get accepted, by faking his status and bribing some corrupt nobles, he managed to get accepted in that school.</font> </p> <p> <font color="#3a3a3a">And so he started to learn new spells, more advanced magic, taking part in exams, he did it all, and at the very same time, of course, he had to keep up this poker face to not reveal his true personality, but that did not prevent his smug attitude to slip out.</font> </p> <p> <font color="#3a3a3a">At the age of 19 years old, he had reached a stage where he now had perfected the arts of illusion magic to a good degree, for most other types of magic, he had not cared, when in class, he was pretending to pay attention, but in reality he would only pay attention in cases where he would learn the type of magic he wanted to learn, much to the dismay of his teachers.</font> </p> <p> But eventually, he was aware he would be found out about who he really was, Celestia keeping a gazing eye on him as time went on, and so he did what seemed most logical to him during that time, do something so bad that they would be forced to kick him out of the school, and when he was kicked, he couldn't help but grin at his success. He would enjoy when his very teachers would start to realize just what they had done. </p> <p> To celebrate his achievement, he wanted to try the impossible, break in the royal vault, and steal the Lunar Amulet, an amulet that had been favoured by Luna deeply all the way before the Nightmare Moon banishment, and it was very valuable, getting your hooves in that thing would keep you rich for life. And Onyx did not hesitate, for he knew it was a one time gamble, either he manages to steal it and prosper long, or he would get caught and serve the rest of his life in the dungeons of Canterlot. </p> <p> But he was not that stupid, he planned out this attempt for years, and it was at the age of 26, that he finally attempted it. </p> <p> In the end, after many times of planning and carefully carried out manoeuvres to get past guards, castle servants and anything alike, that he had reached his objective. </p> <p> And instead of having to actually break into the vault, he carried out his plan during the <span style="color:#3a3a3a;">Grand Galloping Gala, where Luna had actually been wearing the Amulet on her dress, after some careful with swift manoeuvres, he managed to snatch the amulet, but for him it was not over, his ego was growing with every second, and so he decided to leave a final message, something that would make other ponies remember his name for decades to come.</span> </p> <p> <span style="color:#3a3a3a;">He destroyed lots of property in the throne room, and ransacked trough Blueblood's belongings, taking anything valuable he could steal, and as a final note, he sprayed text on a wall with graffiti, and it showed. "Having no regrets Principle?".   He had painted his trademark insignia next to his text as well, this final action was not out of justice, or revenge, but purely to remember everypony that petty titles and having power means nothing, and so the name *Vandire* was remembered as a name of Thievery, something that would make anypony give a wary look, to see if their belongings where still there.</span> </p>

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