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-Quarbari Fleethooves

  • Age: 42

    Gender: Male

    Species: Earth Pony

    Appearance: Of a built stature, he stands broad and large despite his age. <br /><br />Has dark brown coat with black mane and tail sporting a red beret and keffiyah around his neck. His eye color is green.

    Cutie Mark: A red star with gold bordering. Whole most criticize its association with activism and socialism, it represents his ideology and support of the common worker and for an equal society.

    Personality: Quarbari always, tends to be outgoing and alert. Doing as much as possible to always wanting to assist his fellow pony (perhaps a little too much) . <br /><br />While soft hearted, Quarbari can quickly change to being harshly serious when there are tasks need to be complete.<br /><br />As a combatant he tends to always be by his comrades as both a commander and motivator.

    Backstory: Quarbari was born of two political unicorn ponies of the Fleethoof tribe house.<br /><br />Rejected because of his birth as an earth pony he was sent to live with joss laboring uncle and.aunt who lived at the share crops. Quabari was infuriated that despite the length of laboring it was always the rich who remained wealthy as the workers suffered.<br /><br />Joining the third party Arabians Labor Union Committee he along with fellow ponies raised to their government about the inequality of class society in Arabia.<br /><br />Now with the civil war and as head figure in the revolution against the House Tribes, he strives to promote liberty and wealth for his fellow pony.

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