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Queen Bleeding Platinum

  • Age: 31

    Gender: Female

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: <p> Queen Bleeding Platinum has a sort Aquamarine coat, and wears a sort of purple cape. Her eyes are pink, she sometimes wears a crown made of Platinum. Her horn is very sharp.  </p>

    Cutie Mark: <p> A platinum rod with blood dripping down from it. Representing her talent to make ponies bleed with a touch of her special platinum rod.  </p>

    Personality: <p> Her personality can differ from time to time. She can be kind and caring to her friends, but very demanding at times. She won't hesitate to stab anypony who stands in the way of her goals. She is sometimes passive agressive, and sometimes egocentric and self centered.  </p>

    Backstory: <p> She is the Queen of some town in some alternate universe, before being kicked into another dimension by those that oppose her there. (How she'll end up in Roleplays) She ruled with an iron hoof, not hesitating to silence any opposition to her reign. Although she certainly isn't as evil or bad as Sombra who enslaved his empire, she was chosen to be Queen because of her skilled and strategic mind which impressed the old King, when he died she became Queen . She prefers to lay low and work in the shadows. </p>

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