• Age: Adult (?)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Unicorn

    Cutie Mark: The Sacred Chao of Discordia, represented in a silver yin-yang circle, depicting a pentagon on one side, and the golden apple of chaos on the other. Upon the apple is inscribed the mystical word "KALLISTI"; only Randi seems to know what it means.

    Personality: Randi is as strange as the day is purple. He finds the day-to-day of life to be foo, and he relishes the opportunity to enjoy the treacle brittle of life, the universe, and everything. Give him enough rope, and he'll tie all his arguments together and drop them in a bottomless pit of nonsense, never to be sane again.<br /><br />He does not, has never, nor never will fnord. Unless grinkie; then fnord is imminent. If fnord, please return to semi-sanity as soon as possible. Call 5-555-555-5555 toll free, at 23 dollars/minute.<br /><br />Thank you for you're welcome.<br /><br />Hail Eris, all hail Discordia!

    Backstory: He just sort of... showed up one day. Everypony's still trying to figure out why; he's weird, but not rude or (too) annoying, so it was decided he could stay.<br /><br />He has tea and cakes with Discord each 2nd Saturday. They debate illogic, and each one always trades a new joke each time. So far, Discord is way ahead of their 'best joke' scores, though Randi does get in a good one from time to time.<br /><br />He hasn't got a special somepony, because - let's be honest - who'd want anything to do with a crazy stallion?<br /><br />Though there are those who would say Randi is absolutely insane... but there are just as many who would say he's a creative genius. It's hard to figure out who's right.<br /><br />He turns up in the strangest of places, doing the strangest of things, speaking the strangest of words. All quite strange.<br />

User Feedback

"He hasn't got a special somepony, because-let's be honest-who'd want anything to do with a crazy stallion?"

*slowly begins raising a claw*   No! No! Down! Down, curse you!


Do have to give you a few points for commenting on your own character!


Though I must say, and in all due respect: There is a point where a character becomes less character and more a coagulated construct created entirely out of references. And I'M certainly no better! Kind of feels like the only thing you gave us about him is "He crazy."

You just have this own unique style of coloring your ponies. By all means, it ought make me nauseous but....I just....I just love it so much! Whatever other renditions you go though, don't ever change those splotches! I hate that on any other pony, but on you, it just works somehow!  Some sorta jungle vibe to it , man!


Rrrrrrrrandi Mmmaxis! He's rrrrrandy to the maxis!

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