Mentis Soliloquy

  • Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: Dark Brown Fur with off white socks, dark grey mane with light blue highlights. A orange flower from a tree at her home in Orange Grove keeps it to keep the memory of home fresh.

    Cutie Mark: a blue star flanked by two white diamonds

    Personality: open and fun loving, can take that too far with missplaced humor or jokes loyal to her sister Emerald to a fault loves to socialise and discuss anything. Can't get on with stupid ponies or sad ponies. Can be over zealous at times.

    Backstory: grew up with her sister Emerald Bolt and where she went so did Sapphire. Until E.B's enrolment in the EUP. She did not what a military life and sought not to enter. However after Emerald's transfer to Ponyville felt that she had to. so enlisted and stays directly under her sister's command was her only requirement which the EUP agreed to.

User Feedback

Cheers, and from what I believe the name is my own creation. Inspired by Ruby from RWBY. Same with her sister. She is also on YouTube if the image rings a bell.

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