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- Sharpie Pinpoint

  • Age: 40

    Gender: Female

    Species: Unicorn

    Appearance: At the average unicorn height, her coat color is a simple white color with a violet-bluish mix color mane and tail. Her mane style is a simple pony tail whilst her tail is straight. Due to hardened exercise regimen her muscle build has a stronger appearance then the average mare putting her up to par in strength with a stallion.<br /><br />Her eyes are a vibrant yet concentrated pink color.<br /><br />When not wearing her combat armor, she is usually adorned in her simple purple sleeved torso outfit which such displaying her rank and Royal Guard affiliation along with a casual purple beret.

    Cutie Mark: A crossing of a quill pen and sword centered in front of a shield.<br /><br />This signifies her tactical knowledge of terrain overview on the battlefield.

    Personality: Sharpie values loyalty, but unlike a friendship bond her ideal belief in true belongs soley to the commitment of her mission. This could be viewed as a double edged attribute.<br /><br />Whilst she will be committed to her tasks at her full abilities this comes with the cost of a hardened social behavior as most of career life played a military role.<br /><br />Even though a bit reserved, Sharpie will display attention to conversation and such is an open minded person. Even though she has not much to explain in an introverted level.

    Backstory: Of a young age Sharpie was always encouraged by her family and colleagues to join with <br />the Equestrian Royal Guard. After her graduation of basic education she immediately became enlisted for the academy and took a role in the Guard's Observational Scout Legion earning her rank quickly of tactician.<br /><br />With experience growing as her service expanded throughout zones in the world, Sharpies purpose became more apparent and when the optional resignation period came, she committed herself to her duties as a career guard.

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