Sugar Cuddles

  • Age: 20 (ain't that fancy?)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Earth Pony

    Appearance: She is a healthy Earth Pony. She has a very athletic build from her daily routines of jumping around. She has a green mane an- look at the pic above darn it! xD

    Cutie Mark: A bottle of Orange Soda. She got it from when she discovered the joys of speed. She is a fast pony, and she likes to race. Her drink of choice after running is Orange Soda.

    Personality: She is a very energetic and optimistic pony. She has a very big taste for treats and anything with sugar in it. She has a natural fear of lemons. She is a huge fan of the Wonderbolts, despite not being able to fly herself. She has a big wish of somehow learning to fly. She has a thing with wings...let's leave it at that. She never backs down from a dare (except when she does). She is surprisingly smart when it comes to building things and trying to solve a puzzle. Other than that though, she is pretty naive.

    Backstory: She was born in Ponyville, and was lucky enough to have pretty decent parents. Her dad was a stunt pony called Snap Crackle Pop, and her mom is a nurse called Sweet Heart. She was a pretty shy filly. Usually just spectating, rather than joining in herself. Once her uncle took her to CloudsDale to see the Wonderbolts in action. Needless to say, she was amazed by their beautiful aerial stunts and tricks. She waved her hooves like wings in amazement. Ever since that day, she had a thing for flying. She always wanted to experience the air like she once saw the Wonderbolts do. She started off by running. Her theory was that if she was fast enough, she might be able to jump longer and therefor "fly" a little. Eventually she got a sense of thrill by her new found hobby and ended up getting her cutie mark after the first race she won. Once while going down some stairs in Canterlot, she slipped on a stay lemon that was mysteriously resting on the stairs and fell down the stairs. Breaking her leg in the process. She have had a fear of them ever since. When she got older, she became a lot more professional at what she did. She was one of the fastest, if not THE fastest earth pony in Equestria. Still, her focus was on someday gaining the ability to fly.

User Feedback

I was kind of hoping for the cutie mark would be more about her running, but other than that it is awesome and adorable.

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