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Soul Harmony


  • Age: roughly 30 (approx 2,200 years in Stasis)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Pegasus

    Cutie Mark: The Yin Yang - Soul has always been a pony all about finding the peace in a situation, creating a harmonious balance and remaining calm and neutral in the toughest of situations

    Personality: Polite to everyone but definitely not a push off, he is prepared to argue what he believes in but won't do it in a way that undermines other believes in the process if it can be helped.<br />He wants to helpful to everyone but sometimes he can come across as being very nosey and can seem to invade others personal space.

    Backstory: Hello and Blessings from Equestria to everypony out there, Today I have been asked to talk to you all about myself and my background so that all the other ponies can get to know me a little bit more.<br /><br />You all know about the Elements of Harmony but how many of you know the true origins of them? Not many I see - Well I am going to let you know the truth because I was a part of their origins myself.<br /><br />Allow me to take you back in time to a time before the war that divided the Earth Pony, Unicorn and the Pegasus, to which I am a proud member, and the battle against the Windigos and let you all in a secret…It wasn’t like that when I was born.<br /><br />Yep, Might surprise you but there was a period beforehand where everyone was living their lives calmly and sometimes even together, My home town did not have a name but I do wish you could have seen it my friends - The atmosphere, the people…even the air was like nothing I have experience *Sigh* I do miss Home sometimes.<br /><br />My Birth was tragic, My Father had disappeared long before I was born and my mother who was part of the Holy Church of Pony sadly passed on from this world as soon as I was born so the Church headfather took me in as his son and raised me to follow in his and my mothers footsteps.<br /><br />Now I am not going to claim I was a good child, I was trouble but my father was so understand and patient with my antics. He would sit me down every night and talk to me about what I was doing right and wrong and then would tell me how my mother was exactly the same whilst she was growing up in the church.<br /><br />As the years went on, I grew up to become a part of the Church taking care of the other Orphan Ponies and I soon gathered a reputation for myself, The townsfolk loved my playful natural, they admired my honesty, the adored my kindness and generosity and they were humbled by my Loyalty to those around me who had raised me to that day and its was because of this that I was able to receive my cutie mark.<br /><br /> Then one day we received a message that the grand wizards were requesting Ponies of pureness to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the land - Most of the townfolk laughed at this but for some reason I felt I had to answer this call and after consulting my father I took a few items and headed to the Grand Wizard Council to report in.<br /><br />When I arrived, 5 wizards took me into a room where they was about a dozen others who had also answered the call from them and they began to talk about how they prophesied a great evil one day causing devastation and chaos across this great land..they couldn’t say when it was going to happen but they knew it wasn’t going to happen in our lifetime. <br /><br />I stood there listening to them, taking in all that they were saying until suddenly I realised everyone else had already left, seemingly because they decided if it wasn’t a threat they would live to see that it wasn’t an issue they needed to concern themselves with.<br /><br />The youngest of the 5 wizards approached me and said “You are the only one who heart is pure enough to see the importance of all this…Are you sure you are OK with what this mean?”…I probably should have said something else but the only words that would come from mouth was “What do I need to do?”.<br /><br />It was then that they began to explain what they were planning and with every word I will admit I became more and more scared but I had a feeling in my heart that if I ran now I was dooming the world, My World to a terrible fate. <br />The Wizard explained to me that they planned to do a forbidden magic that removed what made me who I am and place it into 6 magical stones…They intended to remove my very SOUL from my body turning me into nothing more than a solid vessel.<br /><br />Why did I do it? Why didn’t I just run? I had those thoughts for the next few days as the Grand Wizards prepared the ritual at a monument close to where we were situated but all I know is when it came to leaving I couldn’t do it…I thought about the Ponies in my hometown and imagine their grandchild, even my own having to suffer because of my selfishness and that was all the inspiration I need to stay.<br /><br />When the time finally arrived I was brought to the monument where around me was the 6 stones they had spoken of and more Wizards than I had imagine there being across our great land…must have been close to 100 all there with their books out ready.<br /><br />I stood in the middle as instructed by the Grand Wizards and I could hear everyone chanting in unison in a language I had never heard before but the more they did the more the ground around me began to glow brighter and my body started to become stiffer - I took a look down upon my legs and realised they were slowly turning to stone and I began to get scared as tears fell down my cheeks.<br /><br />The Grand wizard approached me and said “We can stop if you don’t want to do this” and I look at him and said “Don’t”, He smiled at me and the last thing I remember hearing was “Thank you Soul” before the world around me became pure white and I couldn’t hear a thing any more.<br /><br />Now this is the part of the story that is hazy to me, I stood in the middle of the monument for countless generations as a statue, whilst the structure around me began to crumb and fall I remained somehow perfectly safe from any kind of damage that a normal statue would have endured - I am assuming one of the wizard put a protection spell on me whilst I was in stasis (which was really kind of them).<br /><br />According to the books I have read, two young sisters called Celestia and Luna were the only to take the Elements of Harmony to defeat a creature known as “Discord” saving what had now become known as Equestria but when the younger of the two became corrupted the eldest sister had to use their power against her banishing her to the moon…but she was not able to control the elements on her own as well as she would like and so sealed them away for a generation until somepony suitable could use them.<br /><br />Apparently that somepony was a young pony called Twilight Sparkle who together with 5 friends became the true bearer of the Elements and began the protect the world from great evils just like the Wizards had predicted all those years ago.<br /><br />But I bet you are wondering how could I possibly be telling you all this if I claimed to have been placed in a stasis…Well I am not 100% sure but from what I have managed to gather there was a great battle between the 6 element of Harmony Bearer and a horrible creature named “Lord Tirek”.<br /><br />In this battle, Twilight was given the choice to protect the land or save her friends - She decided to save those she loved the most and with it gave up the power of the Elements of Harmony in exchange for their safety and with that trade, Tirek destroyed the Elements and seemed like he could not be stopped until a new power was bestowed upon them and he was defeated.<br /><br />But what they didn’t know is that by destroying the Elements together they released the parts of my soul from within them, they travelled across the land until they finally reached the monument from which I was standing and at first I can hear again, I could hear birds singing and the wind blowing passed me, Then I regained my sight as I look around in this new world and over a day my body returned to normal but due to the stasis I was unable to walk for another few days so I had to crawl around the monument reading the few books that had been left.<br /><br />It was from these books I learnt the first aspects of what had happened after the ritual, how the Wizards had been arrested and trailed from what they had done to me and how numerous attempts to destroy my statue had proven fruitless during the years afterwards…It was hard to read that those I had loved had become so scared they were willing to destroy all the sacrifices I had made so that there was a future.<br /><br />But the next part of the book brought my spirits back up - It seemed that my father, my real father had returned after all those years trying to find me so that he could introduce my own siblings…I had two sisters who I wish I could have met but it does mean that possibly I still had family out there that I could one day meet and I pray to this great land I will.<br /><br />Ever since I came out of my stasis I have travelled this new land, I have been to where my home once stood but nothing was there - It was all gone without a single trace of its existence expect a Apple tree that used to grow in the middle of the town…I knew this was no longer my home so I prayed for the memory of all the townsfolk who had since passed on to another place.<br /><br />I went to libraries to learn as much as I can about our world and the changes that had happened in my absence and I admit it some of it was tough to read whilst other parts excited me because I could never imagine the world turning out the way it did and I look forward to learning more about it.<br /><br />But first…I must travel to Ponyville.

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