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Sugar Cone

Nom de Plume
  • Age: 18 - 20; young mare

    Gender: Female

    Species: Pegasus

    Appearance: Sugar is short, the top of her head only coming about to the average mare's eye level. A lifetime around deserts had made her a bit heavier than most ponies, but she wears it well. Her coat is a creamy white, speckled with brown, and her rosy pink eyes, framed by long, thick eyelashes, glitter with mischief and excitement. Her mane is a soft pink with chocolate brown stripes, and it tumbles over her head and neck in a plethora of graceful curls.

    Cutie Mark: A strawberry ice cream cone wrapped in a pale pink swirl of magic, indicating her ability to make and market high-quality hoofcrafted deserts, specializing in ice creams.

    Personality: Sugar Cone is a sweet and well-meaning mare, but somewhat self-centered. Other ponies' feelings rarely come before her own, and though she's trying to correct that, she has trouble catching herself before somepony else gets hurt.<br /><br />Despite this, she is a very friendly and generous person, often surprising her friends with gifts or favors -- though this is sometimes because she's afraid she's done or will do something mean to them in the future, and wants to make amends.<br /><br />She has an aggressive sense of humor, and often plays pranks on her friends. However, these pranks can often go too far, thanks to her trouble empathizing with other ponies. When they do, Sugar can be found soon enough at the offended friend's doorstep, with a basket of baked goods and coupons for a free ice cream at her shop.<br /><br />Sugar Cone doesn't make or keep friends easily, as a result of all this. Because of that, she likes spending time with them whenever she can, inviting them to her house for get-togethers, hauling them out for picnics, even helping them with their errands when they're too busy to come hang out. Every friend she has she cherishes, because she's never sure when they might get fed up with her and leave.<br /><br />Sugar Cone enjoys baking, and generally loves being in the kitchen. She finds the whole process of crafting sweets to be therapeutic and meditative, and will often be found in her kitchen when upset, working her problems out. When not there or with her friends, she can sometimes be found at her stepmother's bridal shop, sharing tea with her stepmother and little sister, poring excitedly over the fabrics and flowers.

    Backstory: Sugar Cone's parents divorced when she was very little, and she was raised by her father, Deep Freeze, in Manehattan. While she still maintained a strong bond with her mother, Cocoa Crumble, spending summers and some holidays at her home in Cloudsdale, her father was by far the more significant parent in her life. Sugar Cone was a complete daddy's girl as a filly, and she was her father's whole world. As a result, she grew up a bit of a spoiled princess.<br /><br />Then,when Sugar was a young adult, her father took a job in Baltimare. Shortly thereafter, Deep Freeze met and married a mare named Cross Stitch, who refused to spoil Sugar Cone the way her father had. Sugar didn't take this well, completely unused to having to share her father with anyone, let alone someone who didn't let her have her way all the time. Then, when Cross Stitch and Deep Freeze told her she was going to have a little brother or sister, she decided that was the last straw, and planned to run away to Cloudsdale, to live with her mother.<br /><br />However, life with her mother was far from what Sugar Cone had hoped. Cocoa was wrapped up in her catering business so deeply that she had little time for anything else, even her own daughter. An 'unplanned visit' was impossible to maintain. After a few days, Sugar slunk back home to her father and stepmother, who were absoluteley beside themselves with relief and worry. They had been unable to get through to Cocoa, and had no idea where she had gone.<br /><br />When Sugar Cone realized how much her selfish actions had hurt the ponies she cared about -- and she did care about Cross Stitch, she realized -- she vowed to work towards changing her behavior.<br /><br />Now she runs and lives in a small desert shop in Baltimare, and she and Cross Stitch send referrals back and forth as appropriate. Her little sister, Chocolate Silk, often comes to help her when she isn't helping Cross at Starcrossed Bridal.

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