-Thorn- The Ebony Timberwolf

Iron Wing

  • Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Species: Non-Pony

    Appearance: Like a normal timberwolf he is made out of wood, but in his case the wood is dark ebony heartwood. This gives him a much darker appearance, height and weight. His dimensions are 2,8 meters shoulder height, 2 meters wide and 5 meters long. He also weights 880 kilos. Ebony wood is much more dense, so he reaches a natural resilience and resistance against physic attacks. He doesn´t break into pieces that easily. But because of this density and the weight, he is slower than a normal wolf of his kind. Like an armored tank on four legs. <br /><br />Through his ebony wood runs another kind of magic, so his eye colour is a bright yellow instead of the normal green. He looks martial, grim and massive. Of course he can sneak, but he stamps claw prints into the ground which are easy to read. His claw is 2,5x bigger than from a normal timber wolf.

    Cutie Mark: He has no cutie mark.

    Personality: Unlike his seasonal normal brethren he doesn´t hunt prey if it´s get in sight, he is most a loner, feared by ponies and timberwolfs alike. He enjoys fighting against strong opponents, strikes from the shadows and is very clever. He has developed a complex personality and is not leaded by his instincts alone. Unable to talk but to share emotions with his strange magical aura, his entire life force, he can more or less communicate with intelligent creatures. He is observing, learning and much of a thinker. It takes much to anger him or to get him mad at something or someone because he has much patience. He normaly doesn´t like ponies because they automaticaly scream and run away or try to fight or kill his brethren. Luckily most of the ponies didn´t even get sight of him because he loves to keep a low profile. <br /><br />With other monsters he is more neutral. Dragons, Hydras and other carnivores usually ignore him because wood isn´t edible, also monster of his own size like Manticores, who are a bit bigger usually don´t fight with him. He likes nature and sometimes he enjoys company from other smaller animals. Most of the time they don´t see him or confuse him being just a wood heap. But birds and squirrels don´t seem scared of him because they are too small to be seen as a prey, so he accepts their presence just like that. He doesn´t need any food because he is a magical creature, but he can eat flesh and fruits alike. He loves to mess his strength, and if he sees a pony, a monster or a dragon who is comparable strong, he will hunt his new found prey until he gets to fight him or her. He can be counted as lonely since no creature has ever dared to go near him so the word or feeling of "friendship" would be something unknown and new for him, perhaps even scary.

    Backstory: The Everfree Forest has much strange magics going around with the old temples of the princesses and the seasonal magic streams which flood through the forest, bringing his brethren alive. But sometimes it takes longer for wood to get into form since there are different kind of trees and locations. Within the dark ravine down below the fog, there was an old fallen ebony tree, giant even for it´s measures. The tree was contaminated with strange magical influence of the forest. Old, strong and wild magic went into the dark ebony wood and stored there until enough magical energy was reached to unbound the strong wood from it´s form. "Thorn" gained a consciousness and was driven by his natural given instincts of a timber wolf. But he was stuck down in the ravine and he had to hunt and live down there for many years. He even didn´t know that there was a bigger landscape above him, out of the ravine until he heared voices from ponies. The already clever wolf who lived for several years got curious and searched for a way up.<br /><br />He eventually found a way and stepped out of the fog into the shadows of the great Everfree Forest. His first encounter with his brethren the normal timber wolves was very disruptive since the other wolves were feared and compared to him much smaller. After a while they came along but normal timber wolves avoid him. Since then Thorn is living in the Everfree Forest and learning about the outside world from time to time, watching ponies and animals alike. Sometimes when everypony is asleep, he sneaks into the villages and looks at the interesting things ponies are building.

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Agreed! So amazing!


Lightning Code aproves.


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This is some high quality H2O. 











(you haven't lived until you've seen Water Boy.)

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  Whatever qualms I may have about Thorn are easily outpaced by the flawless backstory!

A number of misspellings but I'm willing to cut you the slack & not harp on those.

Do have a number of questions though.

He's stealthy but a living tank the size of half the trees in Everfree?

He's a calm thinker and a planner, but he also picks fights he thinks will be a challenge, to the point of hunting opponents down like prey?

He has his own brand of magic to make him more resilient, but he spawned from the same seasonal magic tide as the rest of his brethren? That mean he collapses during the off-season like his kin too?

He doesn't need to eat, but does anyway?

Have to wonder how he's capable of hunting at his size, weight & speed? Which is something I've been mulling over on another one of my OCs.

Have to wonder about timberwolf intelligence when we've seen them reassemble together into one collective boss wolf in the show before.

Beautiful work though! Keep at it!

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