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  • Bittersweet


    • Age: 18

      Gender: Female

      Species: Unicorn

      Appearance: With a bright pink coat and just as bright blue mane and tail with some white sections, Bittersweet stands with an average height and weighs in at a bit lighter than your average mare.

      Cutie Mark: Bittersweet's cutie mark is a Show Globe. The show globe represents her special talent in Alchemy and Apothecary.

      Personality: Bittersweet is a calm and easygoing mare. She is rather introverted when introduced to new social environments, people, or cliques. However, she becomes much more open towards people she's known or had enough time to interact with, though she still tends to choke up in larger groups. <br /><br />She also tends to get easily attached to ponies quickly. Even before knowing all that much about somepony she may have developed some moderate feelings for them. Though she'll do her best to hide it. <br /><br />When it comes to her work she is very skilled and she knows it. She's confident of her abilities and isn't afraid to show off to her friends a little bit when given the opportunity. However, as said before, she tends to keep her distance from larger groups or crowds.<br /><br />Bittersweet is a very kind and helpful pony, but in a "bittersweet" sort of way. She tends to bluntly call it how she sees it. She doesn't sugarcoat the bad things. She does however do as much as she can to help out anyone who needs her help. <br /><br />Bittersweet tends to get frustrated when she is with someone who complains about things a lot. Whether big or small she hates complainers. She also hates people who gloat, even though she tends to do it herself.<br /><br />Bittersweet tends to never be depressed for long periods, mostly only for a few hours. She moves on from sad events rather quickly and goes back to being her regular self. She tends to never dwell in the past and is always living in the moment and looking ahead. However she does have rather low self-esteem and when insulted or embarrassed she becomes incredibly shy even when around her close friends. Though these shy spells never last too long.<br /><br />For fun Bittersweet enjoys taking walks in gardens and picking flowers and herbs for future alchemy projects. <br /><br />Bittersweet can be selfish at times however. Often thinking about her own good before others. However she would rather not hurt any pony physically or mentally if she can avoid it.<br /><br />Bittersweet is also very knowledgeable about a lot of different things, though she's only a master in alchemy. Her knowledge of other things is mostly moderate.

      Backstory: Born into a wealthy family in Canterlot, Bittersweet was a scion. Her father was a unicorn who was part of Princess Celestia's royal guard and her mother was a Unicorn who ran a flower shop in the royal city of Canterlot. Bittersweet was their only child and they raised her with the utmost of care, often being a bit over protective of her. They never allowed her to go on any field trips that would have her leaving the safety of the city and gave her an early curfew among other things. However she was pampered beyond belief. Her parents would buy her nearly anything she asked for and even more. <br /><br />Due to being spoiled she was often shunned at her school for being better off than most of the other ponies there. After getting out of kindergarten she never really had anything other than acquaintances. Her social skills were never really refined due to this and she became quite introverted. <br /><br />Her lack of friends and shielding parents left her with a lot of free time, most of which she spent reading a plethora of different types of books ranging from fiction to informative. History to sci-fi. Though she always seemed to have a fondness for reading books about herbal remedies and alchemy.<br /><br />One of the only places her parents would allow her to go on her own was the local bookstore because it was basically right next-door to her house. Everyday after school she'd head to the bookstore and sink hours upon hours simply studying the books.<br /><br />The pink coated Bittersweet was happy, even if she was a tad bit lonely most of the time. However, things changed for her when her parents became dreadfully ill. <br /><br />Bittersweet arrived home one day from school to find that her parents were both stuck in bed with a terrible illness. A tall stallion dressed up in a doctors outfit stood over her father, investigating his sickly body like it were a crime scene. <br /><br />The doctor explained the situation to Bittersweet, who was tearing up at the sight of her parents. Unknowing of any other action to take at the time the filly offered her help to the doctor in order to help her parents.<br /><br />The stallion denied her at first but after enough begging he gave in and allowed her to assist in making the tonic that would cure them of the illness. <br /><br />However, the local hospital didn't have the a certain ingredient required to make the tonic, without it, it wouldn't work. They needed a petal from a flower that only grew in the Everfree forest. <br /><br />The doctor, unable to leave his patients unattended, and Bittersweet, too young to venture out on her own, had to entrust somepony else to retrieve it. <br /><br />Bittersweet helped the doctor out in caring for her parents for the next few days. But on the same day that the pony returned with the petal, the doctor had contracted the same illness. It was up to Bittersweet to make the antidote herself. <br /><br />Using the knowledge of alchemy she's learned from her reading and questions she'd ask the doctor. Bittersweet worked her magic and without any trouble concocted the cure. As quick as she could she gave the doctor, and her parents the potion.<br /><br />Within the next day or two they were back on their feet and acting normal. It was then when her doctor pointed out to Bitter that on her flank, was a Show Globe cutie mark with a blue liquid inside it. She knew at this point what she had to do. She was an apothecary. <br /><br />From that point onward she's practiced her alchemy by creating potions for the Canterlot hospital and as soon as her parents allowed it, she set off to Ponyville where she set up her own store which sold medicine that she had brewed up herself. <br />

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