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  • Foxist (Updated)

    Lemon Slices

    • Age: 24

      Gender: Male

      Species: Non-Pony

      Appearance: Image above.

      Cutie Mark: A black spiral, a symbol of his stealth and swiftness.

      Personality: He is lonely and curious, but dominantly reflexive.

      Backstory: His name was Guant. He was a pony.<br /><br />He was born in the near unknown village of Giulia, which was located near the borders of the Everfree Forest, a distance similar to Ponyville, but Giulia was at the opposite side. This village was also home of a skilled unicorn called Thanthalus, his older brother.<br /><br />Guant was a creative little filly. After school, he used to talk with their teachers and ask for contents about the Forest, and they said that someday, he could be an explorer, if he had the talent. Guant then got his cutie mark in a game of hide and seek, but did not understand very well its meaning.<br /><br />As a teenager, Guant decided to have a job in a farm, putting his legs to work at the typical bucking harvest, but with pears. In the neighborhood, he met then his special somepony: A pretty pink mare, purple-eyed, her mane was white with stains of a stronger tone of pink than her coat, her name was Miressa. They felt the same feeling of love for each other. This was a perfect fine life for him.<br /><br />However, destiny was knocking at his door. Guant had several nightmares involving a strange, dark, humid place full of high-pitched voices and groans. At his final dream, he realized: The place was the Everfree.<br /><br />He woke up, it was 3 o' clock. Guant trotted to a cliff, and saw the moon, the Forest not so far away, and then he heard voices around him. Turning back, and to the sides, he found nothing. But then the spirit made itself seeable, and feltable, suddenly scaring him. As Guant fell backwards, the spirit entered through his mouth, and the only feelings left for the night were pain.<br /><br />The sun woke him after. He wasn't the same: His coat were orange. He had a white collar of fur around his neck, and furry ends and paws, and a large tail. He did not know what to do: Ran after his family, only to not be recognized. He went after his special somepony, and the same happened. He was so disappointed with his situation, that he ran to the Everfree.<br /><br />He had an Everfree life there. As his cutie mark continued the same, he developed his stealth techniques, and with the fox body, everything was easier. Little by little, he was becoming an explorer of the forest, a guide, helping lost ponies at their travels, sometimes meeting the characters that live in the region. This life was free, but sometimes he realize this isn't his life.<br /><br />He missed home and his ideal of perfect life, but is now gradually leaving the past in which he used to dwell. He found a friend: Beerl, the little bird; A blue cute thing that loves to perch on his new, thinner mane.

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    I am thinking about creating a fanfic about this new Foxist, and if it kick in, I will leave the backstory in a spoiler. How about this, guys?

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