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  • Lemon Slices

    Lemon Slices

    • Age: 21

      Gender: Male

      Species: Earth Pony

      Personality: He is paranoid. Hates getting in dangerous situations, like fighting, for example. Gets confused too often, and needs time to calm down. However, in dangerous situations, Lemon can think clearer. He thinks often about if he is doing the right thing in a mission, and feels regret, but he just needs time to his mind to adapt. He does his best to understand something, no matter if this cost a couple of minutes. ^^<br />Sometimes, he creates good phrases, that he would use in a book of tales that he is writing.<br /><br />His biggest fear, more than spiders and getting in danger... Is being alone. Being inside a labyrinth of mirrors would also do the same effect. And the word he hates the most, is "lost".<br /><br />Sometimes he thinks he is useless when he is among some ponies stronger than him.

      Backstory: A unfortunate fertility problem made the incredible Mr. Steel Slices to be unable to breed, what made him to be very depressive. But he had an idea: Adoption. Although there aren't many orphanages in Equestria, he managed to find one.<br />And between the group of orphan colts and fillies, the smallest one was the one who caught his mind. The unusual green coat and green messy mane and blue eyes from the little colt stirred his paternal instincts.<br /><br />Mr. Steel Slices adopted that colt. Because of his color, he named him Lemon Slices, keeping the family name after it. Steel Slices adopted two more fillies a year later. And when the little Lemon got five years, it was time for school.<br />Steel had a job, but still had some time to dine with his ponychildren, and to kiss them for sleep. One day, Steel remembered the day when his father taught him a brilliant concept about life. "Is he too young to understand?" He asked himself. But he said it anyway. The concept was:<br /><br />"The objective of life is surviving."<br /><br />That phrase was catchy. Lemon, everyday, thought about this. His mind absorbed the idea so deeply that the he got a mature fear for death.<br /><br />As he was called Lemon Slices, his friends decided to make some lemonade juice in his birthday. Lemon liked so much the lemonade that decided to study that kind of plant, and then he got a cutie mark.<br /><br />Nine years later, Slices was a teenager. With fifteen years, he got out of home. He had to live a new experience. And he gone. He went to the borders of Equestria. He wanted adventure.<br /><br />But it didn't went right.<br />He found deadly creatures that frigtened him. Dragons, giant worms... A dillemma appeared in his mind. He wanted to avoid the danger, but he didn't want to miss that sights.<br />What he did? He dedicated himself for watching the creatures from safe places. It became Lemon's hobby. Watching deadly creatures's lives.<br /><br />Then with these adventures, he decided to... Write. Lemon wrote fairy tales based on adventures in these far lands. However, unlike his adventures, the protagonist defeated the monsters, and saved damsell mares. The tales were great, and he got hundreds of bits with the sell of the copies. His books are in every Equestrian library now...

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