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  • Lost Soul


    • Age: Unknown. Appears to be 17.

      Gender: Female

      Species: Pegasus

      Appearance: Deep Gray coat and wings, and darker gray, messy mane. The whites of her eyes are blackened and the red on her face is dried tears.<br />The wings are not shown in the picture.<br />Most ponies do not see her- this is part of the curse.<br />

      Cutie Mark: A wilted flower with an echo.

      Personality: Lost is always lonely and sad. She refuses to get close to anypony because she knows she's going to get hurt in the end. She cries often and is very doubtful of herself.<br />

      Backstory: Her name was originally going to be Soul Silver, but before she was born, her mother committed a heinous crime at night. She had been possessed by another pony's magic, but nopony believed her. One night in the prison she had been put in, she saw the pony again. She begged the mare to help her, let her take it all back. The mare agreed to wipe everypony's memories of the crime, if she would only sacrifice her first foal.<br />She agreed and gave her first-born foal to the mare. The mare left her forever and left the filly to fend for herself, but with a curse. On the night of her mother's death, they would meet, and it would trigger something inside the filly to make her attracted to ponies who are about to die. It would also trigger a few other things:<br />-She's somewhat of a ghost~ she's not usually seen by ponies, and when she is, her appearance alone scares them off. However, she is solid and can't pass through objects<br />-She can't die of old age~ she was 17 when she met her mother, and since that is when the curse was brought into full effect, she will stay that way. She cannot die by mere age or sickness, but she could easily be killed.<br />-it changed her appearance~ blackening the whites of her eyes and causing her tears to change~ From saltwater to what seems to be blood, but it dries faster, flows faster.<br /><br />

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